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The Guidance Department at Brockton High School offers a variety of resources and programs to ensure the success of each student during their high school career and beyond.


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Term One 2019/2020

Editorial Staff: Ms. De Faria, Ms. Downey, Ms. Goldsboro, Dr. McNeil Pleasant, Ms. Rubilar and Mrs. Williamson

Welcome to BHS Class of 2023

Transitioning into High School

The beginning of the school year can be a hectic time, especially when starting at a new school. Freshmen year is a huge transition from middle school. At BHS you are in a new and huge building, all teachers and staff have new faces, and you need to get familiar with new policies/rules. All this can be a little chaotic. But, we want you to know, that regardless, you can be successful at BHS. In our Freshman Seminar the guidance department informed you and explained you about the many supports for you at BHS. Here are some key points that will help you be successful:

Get Involved:

BHS has many clubs and activities in which you can participate. Each guidance office has an updated list of extracurricular activities. Check the list on the back of this newsletter. For additional information, pay close attention to the electronic boards in each cafeteria and to the announcements made every morning.

Meet regularly with your Guidance Counselor:

You want to make sure your counselor gets to know you well. He or she will be able to provide you with guidance about courses and programs that can match your career interests or that can help you explore your future options. So, get to know your counselor so he/she can help you make the best choices for your career and college readiness.

Get familiar with the BHS attendance policy:

This might be a big change from middle school. You are only allowed three unexcused absences per term. Any additional absence and you will automatically fail your courses. If you have a passing grade, your passing grade will be replaced with a 59. So, if you have currently more than three absences see your Assistant Dean. You may be able to work hard and obtain a Buy Back.

Use your many options for academic support:

Your teacher should be your first resource. Stay with your teacher after school whenever you feel that you are not understanding the class materials. You can also report to the Freshmen PACT mentors who are available in room B122, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You can also request a tutor during the day if you have a Directed Academic. To get a tutor talk to your counselor. Just remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, you’re not alone! Make sure to ask for help when you need it.

The Guidance Department is always here to help and make your freshmen year as successful as possible!

Developmental Guidance Workshops

The Guidance Department frequently visits your classrooms and conducts various developmental workshops. We enjoy getting out of our offices and seeing our students and their teachers throughout the school. Early September we visit freshmen and conduct a Freshmen Seminar. Topics include tips on how to be a successful student, as well as BHS supports, rules and policies. Bilingual counselors periodically conduct the “Success @ BHS” orientation program, with newly entered students focusing on similar topics, as well as additional issues related to life here in America for newcomers. Also, we meet with seniors and present information about future planning. Much of the discussion includes details on post-secondary options, selecting the right college and the application process.

In October, we meet with our freshman, again, to talk about early college planning. This discussion focuses on what colleges are looking for when they review candidates for admission. It’s never too early to start planning for the future! Later on in the school year, we will be going into sophomore classrooms to discuss topics relevant to the tenth grade, such as MCAS, college entrance exams, and study skills. Our juniors will hear about exploring a career path and planning for life after BHS. We will re-visit our freshmen later on this year and conduct a lesson on calculating grade point averages. As we prepare our seniors for graduation we will conduct a scholarship workshop in late winter.

We look forward to seeing you in your classrooms right up until the end of the year. Our group lessons are designed to benefit everyone in their classroom settings but please remember you’re always welcome to see your counselor individually in the Guidance office.

Stop by guidance whenever you need help!

Senior Corner

Financing your Education

Fill out the FAFSA in October? If you have not already done so start by obtaining your FAFSA ID.

Check the Financial Aid Deadline for your college because this deadline is usually different than the college application deadline.

Contact the financial aid office at the college of your choice. They can often help you through the process and provide you information about additional scholarships, need based aid, and work study opportunities.

If you are attending a Private college, did you check to see if your college uses the CSS Profile application? This application can be found on College Board.

There are many scholarships available to meet the needs of all students and college career plans. Once you apply for aid, then along with receiving college acceptance letters you should be receiving a document called an Award Letter that identifies the different sources of aid that you may be eligible for: Scholarships, Loans, Grants, Need based aid and college work study.

In the spring, take time to review your letters and develop a financial plan that make sense for you. If you have not received as much aid as you need to pay for college, speak with your college's financial aid office about additional resources. Also, be sure to apply for as many scholarships as you can. Remember to complete the BHS scholarship application found on the Brockton Public Schools website in the spring. Remember this is time well spent and money from here may help with your books and college needs that you may not anticipate.

Good Luck!

Success at BHS

  • Keep track of your grades using Infinite Campus. Click on the email link in the top tight corner of the BPS web page.
  • Enter your ID and Birth Date
  • Follow the link. Enter your e-mail address:
  • ID#
  • Password is your birthdate followed by the letters
  • “bps” and the numbers 2019
  • Password Example: 01012009bps2019
  • Same login as you use for the computers

Keep track of your credits and your graduation status. Remember that you get credits by passing a course despite of the final grade. However, also remember that each class counts towards credits but that you must have certain number of credits in each subject. Check the information on the pictures in this section. Keep track of the credits you need to earn to move from one year to another and for graduation.

Make your best to be in school every day!

Important Fall Dates



Guidance Contact Information

  • Green House: 508-580-7415
  • Red House: 508-580-7425
  • Azure House: 508-580-7435
  • Yellow House: 508-894-4405

BHS 2019-2020 Clubs

  • African American Club
  • Asian Club
  • Book Club
  • Boxer Buddies
  • Boxer Community Outreach
  • Brockappella Harmonics
  • Cape Verdean Club
  • Caribbean Club
  • Chess Club
  • D.E.C.A.
  • Drama Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Envirothon Club
  • Empower Yourself Club
  • Foreign Language Honor Society
  • Future Teachers of America
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Gospel Choir Club
  • Haitian Club
  • Journalism Club
  • JROTC Drill
  • JROTC Raiders
  • Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
  • Latin Club
  • Law & Debate Club
  • Majorettes
  • Math Club
  • Medical Career Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Nerd Club
  • PACT
  • Prayer Unit Club
  • S.A.D.D.
  • Science Club

Seal of Biliteracy Program

Brockton High School has just begun accepting applications for our new Seal of Biliteracy; one of the few schools in Massachusetts to offer this program. This is a certificate given with the high school diploma that certifies that the student is proficient or beyond in reading, writing, and speaking two or more languages upon graduation. Any freshman or sophomore interested in this program can get an application from their foreign language teacher or guidance counselor. For questions about the program or for more information, please contact Rachael Umbrianna, Coordinator of Foreign Languages 6-12 at

Guidance Staff Contact Information

Leger, Catherine Azure 508-580-7477 Dept. Head of Guidance/Registrar
DeFaria, Sandra Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor/Cape Verdean
Louis, George Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor
McNeil, Melissa Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor
Rubilar, Gloria Azure 508-580-7471 Guidance Counselor
Williamson, Joan Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor
Ambroise Cajuste, Kethlyn Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor/Haitian
Anderson, Kathleen Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor/STEM
Mascarenhas, Teresa Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor
Ortiz, Alison Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor
Rea, David Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor
Besse Kelly, Melissa Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor
Fernandes, Elsa Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor/Cape Verdean
Kitchen, Melissa Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor/Spanish
Matias, Thomas Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor
Thompson, Pamela Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor
Bamford, Jennifer Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Life Skills
DeBarros, Emanuel Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Counselor/Cape Verdean
McDonough, Meghan Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Counselor
Neary, Donna Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Counselor
Cadet, Niola Azure 508-580-4363 Adjustment Counselor
DaCosta, Kimberly Green 508-580-7941 Adjustment Counselor
Goldsboro, Tenyka Azure 508-580-7942 Adjustment Counselor
Guilloteau, Gary Red 508-580-7404 Adjustment Counselor
Mitchell, Maura Yellow 508-894-4434 Adjustment Counselor
Bethoney, Nicole Azure 508-580-7477 Administrative Assistant Guidance/Registration
Cormier, Mary Azure 508-580-7477 Administrative Assistant Guidance/Registration
Spears, Shelia Azure 508-580-7636 Administrative Assistant Records
Gamel, Lorraine (Lorrie) Azure 508-580-7435 Paraprofessional Guidance
Yellow 508-894-4405
Jimenez, Jennifer Green 508-580-7415 Paraprofessional Guidance
Red 508-580-7425