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The Guidance Department at Brockton High School offers a variety of resources and programs to ensure the success of each student during their high school career and beyond.

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Seal of Biliteracy Program

Brockton High School has just begun accepting applications for our new Seal of Biliteracy; one of the few schools in Massachusetts to offer this program. This is a certificate given with the high school diploma that certifies that the student is proficient or beyond in reading, writing, and speaking two or more languages upon graduation. Any freshman or sophomore interested in this program can get an application from their foreign language teacher or guidance counselor. For questions about the program or for more information, please contact Rachael Umbrianna, Coordinator of Foreign Languages 6-12 at

Apply Online/On Time for College/Financial Aid


Leger, Catherine Azure 508-580-7477 Dept. Head of Guidance/Registrar
DeFaria, Sandra Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor/Cape Verdean
Louis, George Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor
McNeil, Melissa Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor
Rubilar, Gloria Azure 508-580-7471 Guidance Counselor
Williamson, Joan Azure 508-580-7435 Guidance Counselor
Ambroise Cajuste, Kethlyn Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor/Haitian
Anderson, Kathleen Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor/STEM
Mascarenhas, Teresa Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor
Ortiz, Alison Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor
Rea, David Green 508-580-7415 Guidance Counselor
Besse Kelly, Melissa Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor
Fernandes, Elsa Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor/Cape Verdean
Kitchen, Melissa Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor/Spanish
Matias, Thomas Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor
Thompson, Pamela Red 508-580-7425 Guidance Counselor
Bamford, Jennifer Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Life Skills
DeBarros, Emanuel Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Counselor/Cape Verdean
McDonough, Meghan Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Counselor
Neary, Donna Yellow 508-894-4405 Guidance Counselor
Cadet, Niola Azure 508-580-4363 Adjustment Counselor
DaCosta, Kimberly Green 508-580-7941 Adjustment Counselor
Goldsboro, Tenyka Azure 508-580-7942 Adjustment Counselor
Guilloteau, Gary Red 508-580-7404 Adjustment Counselor
Mitchell, Maura Yellow 508-894-4434 Adjustment Counselor
Bethoney, Nicole Azure 508-580-7477 Administrative Assistant Guidance/Registration
Cormier, Mary Azure 508-580-7477 Administrative Assistant Guidance/Registration
Spears, Shelia Azure 508-580-7636 Administrative Assistant Records
Gamel, Lorraine (Lorrie) Azure 508-580-7435 Paraprofessional Guidance
Yellow 508-894-4405
Jimenez, Jennifer Green 508-580-7415 Paraprofessional Guidance
Red 508-580-7425