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36 Brockton Public Schools Students Named to Southeastern Junior District Festival

36 Brockton Public Schools Students Named to Southeastern Junior District Festival

Thirty-six Brockton Public Schools musicians in grades 7-9 were selected to participate in the Massachusetts Music Educators Southeastern Junior District Music Festival following auditions at the Furnace Brook Middle School in Marshfield on Saturday, December 2. The students will join hundreds of their peers to perform in the March festival.

On November 18, 29 Brockton High School students were named to the Southeastern Senior District Music Festival, bringing the total number of festival invitations in fall 2023 to 65.

“This is the level of musicianship that is expected of Brockton students when they attend auditions or participate in competitions,” said Rebecca Desmond, Music Director K-12. “To make this accomplishment all the more impressive, Saturday was the first time that many of the students performed in a solo audition.”

Congratulations to the following students and music educators:

Brockton High School (Teachers: Matt Cunningham/Andrew Fantucchio)

Ana Ayala Sanchez (Flute/ Band)

Daniel Darosa (Trumpet/ Jazz Band)

Amillia Fontes (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Nya Joseph (Alto/ Treble Chorus)

Sebatian Joseph (Tuba/ Orchestra)

Alejandra Mendoza (Clarinet/ Band)

Michelle O'Connor (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Chukwuemeka Okereke (Trombone/ Band)

Axel Sandford (French Horn/ Band)

Nahla Silva (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Isabelle Tao (Clarinet/ Band)


South Middle School (Teacher: Kate Higgins)

Wilson Cardoso (Tenor/ Mixed Chorus)

Tiana Gomes (Alto/ Mixed Chorus)

Sydney Khang (Alto/ Mixed Chorus)


West Middle School (Teachers: Susan Goodwin May/Mildred Walker)

Kendra Danger (Bass Clarinet/ Band)

Maia Huynh (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Addison Lincoln (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Tatum Shaw (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)


East Middle School (Teachers: Anthony Manuele/Tim May)

Abigail Edwards (Alto/ Treble Chorus)

Jaden Harnett (Tenor Saxophone/ Jazz Band)

Rihanna Montrond (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Alanah Salmons (Alto/ Treble Chorus)


Plouffe Middle School (Teachers: Andrew Fantucchio/Helyn Leavitt)

Regine Cadet (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)

Declan Canniff (Alto/ Treble Chorus)

Leeangie Caraballo (Flute/ Band)

Hillary Cruz (French Horn/ Band)

Maria De Souza (Alto/ Treble Chorus)

Emerson McQuarrie (Alto/ Treble Chorus)

Julian Pinto (Tenor/ Mixed Chorus)

Escelia Porcaro (Soprano/ Treble Chorus)


Ashfield Middle School (Teacher: Jennifer McKenzie)

Jermiyah Anderson (Tenor/ Mixed Chorus)

Ricardo Colon (Bass/ Mixed Chorus)

Aaliyah Gomes (Alto/ Mixed Chorus)

Warren Hallisey (Tenor/ Mixed Chorus)

Destinie Monteiro (Alto/ Mixed Chorus)

Anna Carolina Pereira (Alto/ Mixed Chorus)


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