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FY24 Budget Tracker

This budget dashboard was created to give the public a monitoring system for the FY2024 budget. All of the data sets included in the documents below were pulled from MUNIS- the city's enterprise resource planning (ERP) program. Each of the documents will be explained during School Committee meetings to provide context.

Glossary of Document Terms

Net Spending: The district's foundational budget used for the vast majority of its operational needs.

Non-Net Spending: Monies used to fund district transportation services.

Pay Code Summary: A list of expenses broken down by subject. "Pay code" refers to the number it is assigned in MUNIS.

School Summary: Funds expensed by school, including salaries.

FY2024: Fiscal Year 2024 which began on July 1, 2023 and ends on June 30, 2024. This tracker is looking at the current fiscal year, not previous school years.

Documents as of May 10, 2024

Past Reports