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FY23 External Audit


Please complete this application if you would like to be considered for appointment to the Brockton School Committee’s FY23 Budget Audit Firm Selection Advisory Committee. This Advisory Committee will be composed of the full School Committee, three residents of Brockton, and one alternate resident of Brockton. This is a volunteer, unpaid position.

The charge for this Advisory Committee can be found here. It is expected that the time commitment required for serving on this Advisory Committee will be preparing for and attending 3-5 weekday evening meetings in total, which could range in duration from one to four hours each.

All applications must be submitted by October 2, 2023 by either returning a printed application to the front desk at 43 Crescent Street or by completing the form electronically. The School Committee plans to select the three Advisory Committee members and one alternate at its regular School Committee meeting on October 3, 2023, by lottery. Advisory Committee members selected will have their names read aloud and their applications reviewed for completeness. If complete and there is no conflict known, the member selected will be contacted by the School Department to confirm their continued interest and to confirm residency.

All applicants should be aware that this application is a public document, and all Advisory Committee meetings will be televised and recorded public meetings.

Audit Documents and Updates

Contact information and agendas for upcoming School Committee meetings are available on the School Committee page.