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July 20, 2021

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July 20, 2021

Brockton, Massachusetts            
Regular School Committee Meeting             
July 20, 2021
Live Stream

The Regular Meeting of the Brockton School Committee was held this evening, at six o'clock.

These minutes contain a summary of the meeting and list items that were under discussion.

Mayor Sullivan, Chair called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m., followed by a salute to the flag.

Mayor Sullivan, Chair; Mr. D’Agostino, Vice-Chair; Ms. Asack, Ms. Mendes, Mr. Minichiello, Mr. Rodrigues, Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan

Also Present:  Superintendent Thomas, Executive Team members, Ms. Kim Gibson, BEA President

Mayor Sullivan thanked BCA and Malinda Campbell, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent for their assistance relative to School Committee meetings.
    Mayor Sullivan took a roll call vote to establish a quorum:

Mayor Sullivan, Chair –Yes        
Mr. D’Agostino, Vice-Chair – Yes           
Ms. Asack – Yes
Ms. Mendes – Yes                
Mr. Minichiello – Yes                           
Mr. Rodrigues – Yes  
Ms. Sullivan – Yes                
Mr. Sullivan – Yes                

    Hearing of Visitors    None    

Mayor Sullivan asked that Dr. Richard Herman is taken out of order this evening, Item IIIA, Report of Superintendent of Schools – Dr. Richard Herman, FACEP Pandemic Consultant COVID-19 Metrics update.

Mr. Minichiello motioned to take Item III-A, Report of Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Richard Herman, FACEP Pandemic Consultant – COVID-19 Metrics update out of order.  Seconded by Ms. Sullivan.

                            The motion passed unanimously.

    Mayor Sullivan thanked Dr. Herman for attending the School Committee meeting this evening and turned it over to him.

Dr. Herman thanked Mayor Sullivan and School Committee members for inviting him to come back and discuss the metrics for the City of Brockton and presented a power point.

COVID-19 Update:  City of Brockton (power point)
Metric facts reported as follows:
* Pandemic Day 494 in the City of Brockton since March 14, 2020
* Brockton Daily Case Count – shows the various surges from 3/14/20 – 7/14/21
* Overall breakdown of the pandemic by age group
* City of Brockton COVID-19 Daily Dashboard – 6 new reported cases, 14,257 confirmed cases, 0
    deaths, 435 deaths overall, 51 active cases, 2 currently in the hospital, 0 ICU, average daily
    confirmed cases     per 100,000 population is 3.5, positive test rate is 0.71%, 55.1% are vaccinated.
    (partial 10.0% / full     45.1%)
* Date on surrounding towns and average rate is 1.2
* Brockton children, (<18yrs), with COVID has increased, 8/11/20 – 7/17/21)
* Children getting COVID is beginning to trend slightly upward
* Virus and Variants vs. Vaccine and Vigilance
* School recommendations, get back to school in person, wear a mask, all students, and staff, get vaccinated if eligible
* School vaccine clinic, goal – full vaccination before the start of school year, first dose – August 2nd
         & 3rd second dose, August 23rd & 24th

Dr. Herman took a moment to thank the following:  Brockton Mayor Sullivan, Brockton Public Schools,
Superintendent Thomas and School Committee members, Brockton Board of Health, Dr. Mondesir,
Brockton School Nurses, BEMA Emergency Management Agency and Teachers.
* Dr. Cobbs asked what guidelines should we take upon student returning?
        Dr. Herman mentioned he is not sure what the recommendation is going to be, but his guess is it’s
        going to be 3ft. and universal masking and vaccinations for students.
* Mr. Minichiello asked if there were a preference or information about the vaccinations.
        Dr. Herman believes the vaccinations all have upsides.

Mayor Sullivan and School Committee members thanked Dr. Herman for attending the School Committee
meeting and providing a detailed analysis on the metrics.

    Consent Agenda    

Mayor Sullivan explained the purpose of the Consent Agenda and asked members if they would like to remove any items for further discussion.  There being none,

    Mr. Sullivan moved the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the Consent Agenda in its entirety. Seconded by Mr. D’Agostino.

A. Approval of Minutes:  June 23, 2021 Regular School Committee Meeting Minutes                      
B. Acceptance of Notification of Personnel Appointments, Non-Certified Personnel
C. Acceptance of Notification of Personnel Actions:  Leaves of Absence, Resignations, Retirements  

                    The motion passed unanimously.

 Superintendent’s Report

Huntington Roof Update

Superintendent Thomas invited Dr. James Cobbs, Executive Director of Operations to give an update on the Huntington Roof.  Dr. Cobbs reviewed and discussed the items listed in the handout.

* The Roof and Underlay are secured
* Asbestos and Slate Roofing has been removed
* Installation has begun and is going well
* A projected completion date is approximately September 20, 2021
* Ms. Asack asked if we’re within what we projected on the cost of materials?
    Dr. Cobbs replied yes, we were able to submit the order in early May before the costs went up.
* Ms. Asack asked, what is the life span of the metal roof?
    Dr. Cobbs mentioned the life span of the aluminum metal roof is 60 years.

    Superintendent Thomas mentioned once the roof is completed Dr. Cobbs and Mr. Petronio will work on
    bids going out to repair and replace the gym floor, refinish the stage, painting, new ceiling, carpet, new
    doors and complete renovations that are needed.

    Ms. Asack and Mr. D’Agostino thanked Dr. Cobbs, members of the oversight committee, contractor for all
    their help in assisting this project.

    Mayor Sullivan and members of the Committee thanked Dr. Cobbs for the phenomenal and exceptional
    Edison Academy graduation done by he, his team and staff and of course the graduates.

    Summer Programs Update
    Superintendent Thomas gave an update on the Summer Programs offered by Community Schools of Brockton.
o 16 Traditional Camps Summer 2021  
o 13 New Camps Summer 2021
o 7 Referral-Based Camps that were offered for students who struggled academically

    Total Enrollment Summer 2021: 4,366 students (An increase of 2,940 students compared to Summer 2019)
o Summer 2019: 1,396 (Paid Programs)
o Summer 2020:  No In-Person Camps
o Summer 2021:  1,724 (Paid programs) (An increase of 290 students compared to Summer 2019)
    Superintendent Thomas thanked Teachers, Paraprofessionals, MTA’s, Nurses, Administrators, Community Schools of Brockton, Office of Teaching and Learning, BEA, Student Support Services and Departments in the district for their hard work and support of our students during the summer.

                                            Ms. Sullivan thanked everyone for their hard work.

            Items to Refer to Subcommittee             None

      Unfinished Business

               BPS Student/Parent Handbooks 2021-2022 (action requested)

Mayor Sullivan asked for a motion relative to the Student/Parent Handbooks 2021-2022 for approval and send to the printer.  

        No questions were asked.                                 
        Mr. D’Agostino motioned to approve the BPS Student/Parent Handbooks 2021-2022 and send to the printer.  Seconded by Mr. Sullivan.

                    The motion passed unanimously.
        Review of Bid Review Subcommittee Meeting Report – July 7, 2021

Mr. Sullivan gave a verbal report of the Bid Review Subcommittee meeting held on July 7, 2021and presented 3 bids before the committee for approval.

Mr. Sullivan motioned to approve the verbal report of the July 7, 2021Bid Review Subcommittee meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Minichiello.

                    The motion passed unanimously.
        Discussion and Potential Vote Regarding Bids on the Following Projects:
1. FY2022 Lease of Bus Depot – Bid# 2280-0010 awarded to Bar Holding Company, a one-year lease with two options.

* Mr. Rodrigues asked what is the lease amount for each year?
Mr. Sullivan replied, year one is $285,306.00 and year two is $507,306.00 (with a one-year lease with two options.)
* Mr. D’Agostino asked for clarification on the increase from year one to year two.
Mr. Petronio mentioned the increase is due to us needing more square footage next year.  
                               Mr. Rodrigues expressed his concerns on the storing location of the buses.  All School Committee members
                               collectively agree to secure our assets.  Mayor Sullivan mentioned he will work with Mr. Aldo Petronio,
                                            Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Troy Clarkson, City Chief Financial Officer to actively look for a city-
                               owned asset that will accommodate our fleet and thanked Dr. Cobbs for his efforts and support.
                               Mr. Sullivan motioned to approve the FY2022 Lease of Bus Depot.  Seconded by Ms. Sullivan.

                    The motion passed unanimously.

2. FY2022 Carpet & VCT Installation – awarded to Capital Carpet and Flooring in the amount of $43.53 per square ft.

        Mr. Sullivan motioned to approve the FY2022 Carpet & VCT Installation.  Seconded by
        Mr. D’Agostino.

                    The motion passed unanimously.

3. FY2022 BHS Tennis Courts Resurfacing – Bid# 2280-0011 awarded to East Coast Sealcoating in the amount of $94,500.00
        Mr. Sullivan motioned to approve the FY2022 BHS Tennis Courts Resurfacing.  Seconded by
        Ms. Sullivan.

                    The motion passed unanimously.

                               ESSER III Update and Plan
                               Superintendent Thomas invited Mr. Aldo Petronio, Chief Financial Officer to give an update on ESSER III.
                               Mr. Petronio discussed the ESSER Funding handout that shows three years of allocations (funding is
                               available until September 30, 2024.)            

* ESSER 1 ($4,374,975 FY21) funding is primarily for positions in our budget this year.
* ESSER 2 ($15,158,834 FY22 & FY23) funding will be allocated for technology, student programs, social & emotional programs, social distancing and new curriculum (We will purchase several items such as software for the various programs offered, laptops, equipment, and maintenance.)
* ESSER 3 ($34,046,089 FY22 &FY23 & FY24) funding allocation is available for the district and make major improvements. (Plans must be submitted to the Department of Education for approval.)

Superintendent Thomas explained that we must have a robust consultation with our district stakeholders including staff and community stakeholders.  Plans must be submitted to the Department of Education by October 4, 2021and set aside 20% of the award to address the academic impact of lost instructional time.  How the district will respond to the academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students particularly those disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, including students from low-income families,  students of color, English learners, children w/disabilities, students experiencing homelessness, children and youth in foster care.

Mayor Sullivan gave an update relative to the Cares Act Funds.  On this zoom call with all Representatives  from the County and Municipalities that make up the County, it was indicated that every city, just Brockton and every Town within Plymouth County can request additional funds.  We will seek additional funds that will help both the city side and school side.
 New Business    None
    Executive Session        Mayor Sullivan, informed School Committee members that it was confirmed with Superintendent Thomas
                               and legal counsel that Executive Session was not needed this evening.    

    Mayor Sullivan welcomed and introduced his newest team member in his office, Ms. Brady Winston.

    Mayor Sullivan acknowledged Ms. Kim Gibson, BEA President.    

    Seeing no further business Mr. D’Agostino motioned to adjourn.  Seconded by Mr. Sullivan.
   The motion passed unanimously.
                         The meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.
                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                             Michael P. Thomas
         PowerPoint:  COVID-19 Update:  City of Brockton
         Handouts:  Huntington Roof, Community Schools of Brockton/Summer Camp 2021, ESSER Funding