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June 6, 2023 - Regular School Committee Meeting

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June 6, 2023 - Regular School Committee Meeting


Brockton, Massachusetts               Brockton School Committee Meeting         June 6, 2023


A meeting of the Brockton School Committee was held this evening in the George M. Romm Little Theatre of Brockton High School at seven o'clock. These minutes contain a summary of the meeting and lists items that were under discussion.


Chair, Robert F. Sullivan, Mayor, Ms. Asack, Ms. Ehlers, Vice-Chair, Mr. Homer, Ms. Rivas Mendes,

Mr. Rodrigues, Ms. Sullivan, Mr. T. Sullivan, Superintendent Thomas



Also Present

Cabinet Members, Ms. Kim Gibson, BEA President


Mayor Sullivan called the meeting to order at 7:01P, followed by a salute to the flag.

Mayor Sullivan read the following information into the record.

In addition to attending the public can view this meeting via television on Comcast channel 98 and /1071HD Version, and online via this link:

Mayor Sullivan then took a roll-call to establish a quorum.

Ms. Sullivan (Here)                Mr. Homer (Here)                    Ms. Ehlers, Vice-Chair (Here)                      Ms. Rivas Mendes (Here)         Mr. Rodrigues (Here)               Ms. Asack (Here)                            Mr. T. Sullivan (Here)             Mr. R. Sullivan (Here)


Mayor Sullivan asked for a motion to suspend the School Committee meeting with the understanding

that the meeting would reconvene after the Student Recognition Ceremony.

Mr. Sullivan moved to suspend the School Committee meeting with the understanding that the meeting would reconvene after the Student Recognition Ceremony.  Seconded by Ms. Ehlers.

Voted:  to approve the motion, unanimously.


  Mayor Sullivan called the June 6, 2023 Brockton School Committee back into session and then took

  A roll-call to re-establish a quorum.


Ms. Sullivan (Here)                Mr. Homer (Here)                    Ms. Ehlers, Vice-Chair (Here)                      Ms. Rivas Mendes (Here)         Mr. Rodrigues (Here)               Ms. Asack (Here)                            Mr. T. Sullivan (Here)             Mr. R. Sullivan (Here)






There were eight individuals signed up for the Hearing of Visitors portion of the evening’s agenda.  Some concerns shared with the school committee were: RIFs, funding schools and children first, financial transparency, curriculums, school climate, the importance of alternative ed programs and boxer pride.


Mayor Sullivan thanked all for attending tonight’s meeting and speaking to the committee.


Consent Agenda

Mayor Sullivan explained the purpose of the Consent Agenda, read the items aloud and asked members for any requests to remove items for further discussion.


Ms. Sullivan made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda in its entirety.  Seconded by Mr. Sullivan.


The motion passed unanimously.


Superintendent’s Report

Teaching & Learning

Junior National Honor Society

Superintendent Thomas invited Dr. Michele Connors, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning, 6-12 to talk about the Junior National Honor Society.

Dr. Conners presented a brief powerpoint and discussed the NJHS History, The Five Pillars of the National Junior Honor Society, the BPS NJHS Application Process, Seven Active Chapters throughout the District – 265 total Inductees, BPS National Junior Honor Society Pledge and BPS NJHS Next Steps.

Applause and Congratulations to the New Inductees!

Dr. Conners also mentioned we are looking to connect with  both NHS and NJHS to learn how we can offer one at the  virtual school this coming fall.

Mayor Sullivan gave an update on the two students involved in an accident earlier this evening, after speaking with  the grandmother of one student, she reports that both students have minor cuts and bruises, and both are doing well.


FY24 Budget Update

Ms. Ehlers, Chair gave a brief update on the FY24 Public Budget hearing held earlier this evening,

there were no hearing of visitors, no discussion points and went without any issue.


At this point in the meeting, Superintendent Thomas spoke to the comments brought forth through the “Hearing of Visitors” portion of the agenda.  He took this opportunity to thank the speakers, especially those from Brockton, to whom he has always been available.  He thanked the School Committee and the Unions, without whom BPS wouldn’t have made it through the pandemic period.  He addressed the spending of the ESSER monies, commenting on how every penny was used to the benefit of students, specifically the purchase of laptops and Wi-Fi devices for every student to have access to learning and the addition of 400 staff, many of color, to support the students during and post-pandemic.  These hires were kept on, despite the shrinking enrollment, even when he was advised to lay-off 150 staff last fiscal year.  He spoke of the millions spent on keeping our students safe and the bad press Brockton receives, press that calls out our students of color when every other suburban district, the Newtons and Wellesleys, are experiencing the same difficulties: locking bathrooms, vaping, etc. He finished heatedly, by challenging anyone from Brockton who wishes to investigate perceived mismanagement of funds to come and see him; at which time he will show how every dime was invested in either people or kids. 


Items to Refer to Subcommittee

There are no Items to Refer to Subcommittee.



There is no Unfinished Business.

New Business

A.    Discussion and Potential Vote:  MA DESE Single district Virtual School Amendment for Brockton Virtual Learning Academy.


Ms. Ehlers made a motion to approve the MA DESE Single district Virtual School Amendment for Brockton Virtual Learning Academy.  Seconded by Mr. Sullivan.


The motion passed unanimously.


B.               Discussion and Potential Vote:  MSBA review Brockton Public Schools’ Chapter 74 program as  

        part of the Feasibility Study of the Brockton High School Core Project.


Mayor Sullivan invited Mr. Aldo Petronio, BPS Chief Financial Officer to explain the Feasibility Study and process.

Mr. Petronio explained the Feasibility Study process and steps that are taken, such as the MSBA will take a tour of all our schools, facilities, maintenance plans and programs in place, look at our enrollment, and walk through and determine whether we need to rehab the school or build another or build two, this Feasibility Study process takes approximately one year.



Ms. Asack asked what is the time frame from beginning to getting the response?

Superintendent Thomas mentioned a vote will be taken from City Council on November 1st to enter the Feasibility phase (approximately $2 million dollar investment) which gets reimbursed the 80%, then they enter into it after the new year, January 2024 and could then take up to a year for the next steps and up to 8 years to complete.


Mr. Rodrigues asked with the steady decline in student enrollment how would the study affect this project?

Mr. Petronio mentioned the study will take approximately a year and a half and his thought is the decline will level off and rent in Brockton will come down and the city will begin to grow again.


Ms. Sullivan made a motion to accept the MSBA review Brockton Public Schools’ Chapter 74 program as part of the Feasibility Study of the Brockton High School Core Project.  Seconded by Ms. Asack.

 The motion passed unanimously.


C.    Discussion and Potential Vote:  Amendment to Superintendent’s Contract.

Ms. Ehlers discussed the amendment of the Superintendent’s Contract where this fall he will take on the additional role as Interim Principal for Brockton High School. 


Mr. Sullivan made a motion to approve the amendment to Superintendent Michael P. Thomas’ contract as spoken on this evening.  Seconded by Ms. Ehlers.


The motion passed unanimously.




Mayor Sullivan acknowledged Ms. Kim Gibson, BEA President as one of the best to work with, as he served and worked with her 14 years as a City Councilor and four years as Mayor.  He also mentioned  Kim cares about Brockton Public Schools and is doing a great job.


Ms. Asack thanked Superintendent Thomas and his team for the promotional video showcasing BPS focusing on more vocational programs and to get more students to come to Brockton.  She also suggested having the students from the Junior National Honor Society come to the auditorium and be able to walk the stage and become familiar with the high school.  Congratulations to the 265 Inductees.


Mr. Homer highlighted the accomplishments and achievements of the students on this evening and had a chance to see and hear all the programs of acknowledgements. There are many opportunities during the summer for students to stay involved, Community Schools has a variety of programs for all ages and encouraged parents to become involved in the parent advisory councils (PAC) at their child’s school.


Ms. Sullivan asked if  someone would like to see the promotional video where can they view it?

Superintendent Thomas said you can view the video on the BPS website and YouTube.  We will play the video at the beginning of the next school committee meeting.


Ms. Asack congratulated our recent graduates’ class of 2023 to Brockton High School, Champion High School, BVLA, Huntington, grade 5 and grade 8.  (applause)


Mayor Sullivan thanked the Elementary School participants today during their Fitness Day.



Mayor Sullivan remined all that on tomorrow is our Special Olympics beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the Marciano Stadium.


Seeing no further business, Mayor Sullivan asked for a motion to adjourn.


Ms. Sullivan motioned to adjourn.  Seconded by Mr. Sullivan.


                                The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Michael P. Thomas





PowerPoint: National Junior Honor Society