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October 25, 2022

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October 25, 2022

                                       Brockton, Massachusetts                             Regular School Committee Meeting                                                                October 25, 2022

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                                                    The Regular Meeting of the Brockton School Committee was held this evening in the George M. Romm Little Theatre at Brockton High School, at seven o'clock. These minutes contain a summary of the meeting and list items that were under discussion.


                                                    Present:  Ms. Asack; Vice-Chair, Mr. Homer, Mr. Rodrigues, Ms. Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan


                                                    Also Present:  Superintendent Thomas, Ms. Sharon Wolder, Deputy Superintendent of Teaching

   and Learning, Dr. Cobbs, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Cabinet Members,

   Mrs. Kim Gibson, BEA President


                                                    Absent:  Mayor Sullivan; Chair, Ms. Ehlers, Ms. Rivas Mendes


                                                              Ms. Asack, Vice-Chair called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m., that was followed by a salute to the flag.     


                                                    Ms. Asack, Vice-Chair took a roll call to establish a quorum.


Ms. Sullivan – Here

Ms. Rivas Mendes – Absent

Mr. Homer – Here

Mr. Rodrigues – Here

Ms. Ehlers – Absent

Ms. Asack, Vice-Chair – Here

Mr. Sullivan – Here


Mayor Sullivan – Absent



                                                     Ms. Asack read the following information into the minutes.


                                                     In addition to attending, the public can view this meeting via television on Comcast channel 98 and

                                                     /1071HD Version, and online via this link:


   Hearing of Visitors             There were no hearing of visitors.


   Consent Agenda                   Ms. Asack explained the purpose of the Consent Agenda and asked members if they would like to remove any items for further discussion.


                                                     Ms. Sullivan asked to remove Item D, Requests for Authorization to Submit Proposal and Expenditure

                                                     of Funds.


Mr. Homer moved the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the remainder Consent Agenda items:  A, B, C, E, F and G.  Seconded by Mr. Rodrigues.

A.      Approval of Minutes:  October 11, 2022 Regular School Committee Meeting

B.      Approval of Minutes:  October 18, 2022 Diversity, Race, Equity & Inclusion Subcommittee Meeting

C.      Approval of Out-of-State Field Trip:  Empower Yourself to John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

E.       Acceptance of Notification of Personnel Appointments:  Certified Personnel

F.       Acceptance of Notification of Personnel Appointments:  Non-Certified       

G.      Acceptance of Notification: Personnel Actions Leaves of Absence, Resignations, Retirements

Voted:  to approve the motion, unanimously.

                                                     Item D,  Requests for Authorization to Submit Proposal and Expenditure of Funds

                                                     Mrs. Sullivan listed the grants submitted and acknowledged the great support it brings to our district. 

                                                     Mrs. Sullivan thanked Mrs. Terry McIntosh and Representative Michelle Dubois for working on the Downey Playground grant.


1.       FC 345 359 Brockton Adult Learning Center Grant - $1,350,068                                                                   

2.       Supporting Students’ Social Emotional Learning, Behavioral & Mental Health, and Wellness - $150,000

3.       Downey Playground Special Earmark Grant - $100,000                

4.       Eastern Bank Foundation’s Community Grant - $10,000


Ms. Sullivan moved to approve Item D, Requests for Authorization to Submit Proposal and Expenditure of Funds.  Seconded by Mr. Sullivan.

Voted:  to approve the motion, unanimously.


 Superintendent’s                      Recognitions


                                                  McKenzie Quinn

                                                  Superintendent Thomas invited Ms. McKenzie Quinn, B.H.S. senior who became the first female Varsity

Football player to score a touchdown for the Brockton Boxers on Friday, October 7, 2022. McKenzie maintains a 5.0 grade point average while playing multiple sports and being a great role model to her peers.  

Congratulations McKenzie on this historic occasion!  (applause)


McKenzie thanked her Varsity Football teammates for their support which allowed her to score a touchdown.



·         Mr. Sullivan asked McKenzie if she is looking at the NFL?

      McKenzie mentioned she hasn’t received any calls but is ready for conversation.

·         Mr. Rodrigues congratulated McKenzie as she wrote history and asked her what the energy was like when the play was called.

      McKenzie mentioned the energy level from the players were positive and everyone was hyped.

·         Ms. Asack asked what are your future goals?

      McKenzie mentioned she is looking into colleges.


Vice-Chair Asack and Superintendent Thomas presented a certificate to McKenzie on behalf of the School Committee and flowers on behalf of Principal Nessralla. (applause)


                                                  Steve Fortes and Kyara Fortes

Superintendent Thomas invited Mr. Steve Fortes, Plouffe Middle School PhysEd Teacher to congratulate him for his actions and life-saving response in the cafeteria during the 8th grade lunch.  He was informed by Kyara Fortes that one of her classmates was chocking, Mr. Fortes immediately went to the student quickly responding by providing the Heimlich Maneuver.  Later that day, Principal Nessralla spoke with the student’s mother, and she reports that her child is doing well. 


Superintendent Thomas thanked Mr. Fortes for his swift actions, care, and dedication for our students. (applause)


Mr. Fortes introduced Kyara Fortes.  Kyara explained she originally thought one of her classmates was sick during lunch but realized he was chocking she immediately went to Mr. Fortes for help.


Superintendent Thomas and School Committee members thanked both for their quick-thinking actions that saved the student’s life on that day and commend them as “true heroes” keeping our students safe. (applause)


Vice-Chair Asack and Superintendent Thomas presented certificates to both Steve and Kyara on behalf of the School Committee and flowers on behalf of Principal Nessralla.


Arnone School Donations

Superintendent Thomas mentioned the recent donations of school supplies given to the Arnone School by several Community-Based Organizations were unable to attend.  However Superintendent Thomas mentioned we will invite them to attend a School Committee meeting.


Student Report (Abigail Bertocchi)

Abigail presented a brief power point giving a report on happenings at Brockton High School:


·      Class of 2022 Alumni reconnections and what they are doing now

·      Various School Events

·      Senior Executive Election:  President – Milani Depina, Vice President – Nina Miles,

      Secretary – Andrea Moreno, Treasurer – Claudia Pierre

·      Academic:  Empower Yourself

·      College Fair

·      Athletics:  Future Boxer Day, where Middle Schoolers came and took part in the halftime show

·      Student Shout-Out:  McKenzie Quinn


                                                  Superintendent Thomas thanked Abigail for her presentation.


                                                  Presentation:  Overview of 2022 MCAS Results Part II – Student Specific Groups

                                                  Superintendent Thomas introduced Deputy Superintendent Sharon Wolder, Dr. Karen Spaulding, Dr. Michele

                                                  Conners, Dr Jamie LaBillois and Mr. Sean Precious, they’re going to present the results from Student Specific


                                                  Mr. Precious discussed the framing MCAS Results Part II – Student Specific Groups speaking on data

                                                  gathered across multiple student groups.


Followed by Dr. Spaulding who spoke, referring to previously viewed data charts, on MCAS data 3-5 with examples of varied ways in which we use data.  One focus area used last year and this year in the Brockton Public Schools was “Active Reading and Writing”. 



Ø  There was little or no change in the percentage of students Meeting or Exceeding Expectations in English Language Arts.

Ø  The % of Brockton Public Schools students Meeting/Exceeding Expectations on the Math MCAS increased for the all students and all student groups from 2021-2022.

Ø  With the exception of the Multi-Race/Non-Hispanic student group, there is an achievement gap for all other student groups with the greatest gap between all students and the students with disabilities (SWD) student group. 


Next to speak on MCAS Gaps by Student Groups 6-8 and 10 in ELA, MATH and STE was Dr. Michele Conners.  In visuals presented gaps by percentage Meeting/Exceeding Expectations between 2019 and 2022 were under discussion.  In regards to ELA, Dr. Conners told the committee that with focus on writing the percentage points earned by BPS students and students at state level narrowed.


Sampling of Next Steps and Monitoring Efforts in ELA, MATH and STE

Ø  High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) in every classroom.

Ø  Continue our work with GLEAM (Growing Literacy Equity across Massachusetts) and our GLEAM team of ELA, ESL, and Special Education teachers and leaders to support evidence-based strategies for literacy instruction.

Ø  Administer STAR Reading and STAR Math to all grade 9 and 10 students.

Ø  Develop leader and teacher capacity to analyze assessment the data to inform instruction.

Ø  Targeted support for student around priority standards and skills related to science practices

Ø  Continue to support teachers in using HQIMs with fidelity.

Ø  Continue STAR Reading and Math Assessment three times a year.

Ø  Continue to monitor data to identify students who meet the Honors Academy criteria.

Ø  Review plans for school and departmental professional learning opportunities to ensure teachers are supported in their use of data to inform instruction.

Ø  Calibrate classroom observations (HOT, rigorous/content objectives, AR/W); DESE Look Fors)

Ø  Monitor fidelity to the curriculum via formal and informal walkthroughs.


Next to speak on the work done in the Special Education Department to improve the performance of our Students with Disabilities Achievement Gap was Dr. Jamie LaBillois.  The visual presented is designed to illustrate the difference between the way all students are performing versus our students with disabilities.


Takeaways and Next Steps

A gap exists between the % of all (the aggregate) students Meeting/Exceeding Expectations in ELA, Math, and STE and students with disabilities.


Brockton Public Schools students with disabilities across all grades levels and content areas showed little change in achievement from 2021 to 2022, as measured by the average % of students Meeting/Exceeding Expectations on the MCAS.


Placement of students with disabilities matters when it comes to student achievement and student growth.  Generally, students in less restrictive placements (closer to general education) perform better and grow more than those in more restrictive settings.  Will monitor data trends for 2022 results (when report is available).


Sample of Monitoring our Progress in 22-23

Ø  IEP Goal Writing (Measurability and connection to Curriculum Frameworks)

Ø  Ongoing Data Tracking on Progress toward IEP Goals

Ø  Monitor the placement of SWD (Least Restrictive Environment)

Ø  Progress monitoring of student’s progress on STAR and associated measures


Superintendent Thomas thanked Cabinet members for the Overview of the 2022 MCAS Results Part II – Student Specific Groups presentation as we continue to work towards our goal of 90% proficiency in the next five years.  We are beginning to see the small increases and impact of the structures that are in place that was approved by the school committee.  Superintendent Thomas thanked Cabinet Members, Principals, Associate Principals, Assistant Principals, Administrators, Coaches, Coordinators, Teachers, Paraprofessionals and MTAs for their continued work and support.  


                                                  Ms. Sullivan asked what is the difference between “all students” and the “multi-race” student group?

                                                  Superintendent Thomas discussed “all students” is every student that tested at that grade level in the district,

                                                  the “multi-race” is a specific group identified by the state.


                                                  Mr. Homer asked, what can parents do to support their child’s engagement with the programs?

                                                  Superintendent Thomas recommends that parents attend workshops, review the student portal to monitor the

                                                  classwork and progress of their child.


Items to Refer to                   •           Superintendent Thomas requested the following meetings: Facilities Subcommittee and Security, Safety,

  Subcommittee                                                                   Transportation Subcommittee.

                                                   •    Ms. Asack reminded Subcommittee Chairpersons to schedule any/all meetings that are needed by the end

of this year as members may serve on a different subcommittee next year.


  Unfinished Business            None


New Business                         Superintendent Thomas invited Dr. Michele Conners to discuss the Pathways Fair that was held on Monday,

                                                  October 24th and Tuesday, October 25th at the Professional Development Building on Centre for eighth-

                                                  grade students in the district.  He thanked Dr. Conners, Jess Silva- Hodges and Kelsie Drown for a job well

                                                  done in hosting this fair, as it showcased the various opportunities that Brockton High School has to offer.


                                                  Dr. Conners spoke regarding how we often loose our middle students to other schools outside of Brockton,

                                                  and it is our responsibility to find out why and what we can do to help.  With the support of Jess Silva-Hodges

                                                  and Kelsie Drown they worked together and came up with the idea to have a High School Pathways Fair

                                                  where we could showcase what Brockton High School has to offer.  Thanks to the support of every adult and

                                                  student ambassadors from all the High Schools sharing their experiences, as it was evident our students in

                                                  Brockton are incredible fortunate to have the opportunities that they have.


                                                  School Committee members thanked Dr. Conners and the team in putting together a High School Pathways

                                                  Fair showcasing what Brockton has to offer.


                                                  Mr. Homer thanked everyone for helping with the Future Boxers Day, it was a great event and many

                                                  middle school students were able to participate at the halftime show and they did a great job.


                                                  Ms. Asack made the following announcements: 

                                                  The next School Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Arnone

                                                  School Theater, 135 Belmont Street, Brockton, MA.


                                                  The Veterans Day Assembly will be held on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at Brockton High School, Fine

                                                  Arts Building at 9:30 a.m., this is an amazing assembly honoring all who have served.


                                                  Friday, November 11, 2022 is Veterans Day and the Brockton Public Schools department will be closed.


                                                  The MASS/MASC Joint Conference begins on Tuesday, November 2nd thru Saturday, November 5th in

                                                  Hyannis, MA.


                                                  Cradles to Crayons have increased their coat donations from 500 to 1,500 this year.  Please feel free to reach

                                                  out directly via email to: thank you to Cradles to Crayons for supporting our students

                                                  in Brockton it’s truly appreciated.


Executive Session                 Ms. Asack announced, “The Committee will enter Executive Session pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, §

21(a)(3), to discuss strategy and obtain advice of counsel with respect to potential litigation against Juul Labs, Inc. and others as part of the multi-district litigation pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California known as In re: Juul Labs, Inc. Marketing, Sales Practices & Products Liability Litigation, Case No. 3:19-md-2913-WHO, or other similar or related litigation pertaining to such matter.  The committee will not return to open session following this Executive Session.”


                                                  Ms. Sullivan motioned to enter Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Homer.


                                                  Ms. Asack took a roll call vote:


                                                  Ms. Sullivan – yes                                             Mr. Homer – yes                                                                                                                    Mr. Rodrigues – yes         

                                                  Ms. Sullivan – yes                                             Ms. Asack, Vice-Chair – yes            


                                                                                                                                The motion passed unanimously.

                                                  School committee Members went into Executive Session at 8:29 p.m.


                                                  Respectfully submitted,




             Michael P. Thomas



     PowerPoints:  Student Representative Report, MCAS Date Trends