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Our Voices

Martina Grein, Class of 2023
Martina Grein

"The Drama Club was the biggest reason I was ready for college and able to step into the professional world."

  • Brockton High School Class of 2023
Alumni Profile: Mamadu Tchamo, Class of 2022
Mamadu Tchamo

"The sports at Brockton High School are amazing, how the coaches and athletic director care for your success. They have helped shape me into a great athlete that is going to run Division I.”


  • Brockton High School Class of 2022
Carlito Weaver, Class of 2009
Carlito Weaver

"Brockton High School prepared me socially, emotionally and intellectually to navigate various environments working with diverse groups of people; all the while encouraging excellence in all areas."


  • Brockton High School Class of 2009

Brockton is a special place because of its people! Meet the alumni/ae and staff members who contribute to our culture of excellence.