Goals for the Brockton Public School System:

  • Continue to monitor and revise local curricula to align with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Continue to refine teaching strategies and best practices to align curriculum, instruction and assessment at all levels.
  • Continue to improve curriculum articulation, both across grade levels and at key transition points from kindergarten to elementary, elementary to junior high and junior high to high school.
  • Improve student achievement as measured by Iowa and MCAS testing programs.
  • Improve other measures of school accountability such as student suspension, dropout and attendance rates, SAT scores and college acceptance rates.
  • Support initiatives in restructuring schools and programs at all levels.
  • Expand access to technology for both staff and students at all levels.
  • Continue to support activities which promote increased parent involvement in the schools.
  • Continue to promote student and staff wellness by implementing policies and procedures that ensure a safe and healthy environment.
  • Continue to plan for the space needs for existing and future populations and programs.
  • Improve physical working and learning environments for students and staff.
  • Support and expand partnership activities with businesses.
  • Continue to promote a learning environment that models and integrates understanding and appreciation of all cultures and linguistic communities.
  • Employ the best prepared and qualified staff who are representative of the diverse student body.
  • Improve external and internal communications.