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BCFC Oversight Committee Guidelines for Program Providers

Thank you for your interest in the Provider Program for the Brockton Community and Family Center. To apply, please click here. Please be sure to complete the application as soon as possible. Currently, the Oversight Committee will review applications in the coming weeks. Please note, completion of the application does not confirm participation. All applications must go through an approval process. Once the application is reviewed, we will contact you to inform you of whether or not your application has been approved. In the meantime, please take a moment to review the Provider Guidelines below.

We are excited to learn more about your interests to provide services for the Brockton community and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The Oversight Committee



The Oversight Committee (OC) has put together these guidelines to ensure the safety of the Vendors and program participants at the Community Center.

Community Center Priorities

  1. Education (ESL, Special Ed, IEPs, Homework help, Tutoring)
  2. Empowerment (Male, Female, Youth support groups)
  3. Performing Arts (Dance, Theater, Poetry, Art, Music, Video Production)
  4. Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Table Games, Indoor Games)
  5. Health and Safety (Nutrition, Mental Health awareness, and education, Violence prevention)

Program Providers are defined as any person or group of people running a program or workshop for one or more days at the Brockton Community and Family Center (BCFC). The Oversight Committee is happy to clarify any of the guidelines and we welcome any feedback or additional recommendations.


  1. Program Providers are responsible for ensuring their safety and that of their participants during programs and should have the means to evaluate any allergies, medical, and physical needs of their participants (ie. Intake/registration forms and emergency contact forms are encouraged).
  2. Program Providers are encouraged to have their participants wear name badges and have a clear plan to accompany minors to restrooms or other areas outside of the event room. Adults must use the staff restrooms only.
  3. Program Providers should keep sign-in/out logs and collect participant information that can be shared with the OC for data collection and reporting purposes. A registration form is strongly encouraged for participants that attend two consecutive sessions of any one program. Each Program Provider will be given their own badge and should bring it with them each time they enter the center.
  4. Program Providers should become familiar with the facility and take the time to locate emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and pull stations that the facility may have. (the OC and BPS staff are available to help program providers become familiar with the facility and safety training).
  5. While students in grade 8 and above are allowed to attend programming without parents, program providers who work with youth should encourage parents/guardians to accompany their children when possible. For youth in grades 7 or lower, accommodations should be made with the individual program manager if parents are unable to stay.
  6. Program Providers should have a good plan for parent drop off and pick up. Vendors should become familiar with parking regulations at the center and educate participants.
  7. Program Providers are not allowed in the building before 5:00 pm on Monday-Thursday, or before 10:00 am on Saturday. Any access needed outside of these times must be pre-approved by the OC.
  8. Program Providers needing to move in any large furniture and small appliances need pre-approval by the OC and BPS.
  9. All trash must be placed in containers outside of the program providers’ room in the hallway for collection nightly. Food may not be left in the rooms. Non-perishable items must be stored in containers that can be provided by BPS upon request.
  10. Common areas must be kept clean at all times.
  11. Program Providers are asked to respect the other programs’ space and noise considerations are greatly appreciated. 
  12. No alcohol, drugs, or weapons allowed.
  13. No pets allowed.
  14. Candles, cooking utensils, chafing dishes requiring lighting, or any projects requiring the use of fire are typically prohibited. If a program provider would like access to the kitchen, they must submit a special request. Any other requests for special consideration should be directed to the OC.
  15. Program Providers are encouraged to discuss and special educational, physical/ mental health, and disability support staff that they may need with Brockton Public Schools.

 If you have any questions, please email To apply to become a program provider, please click here.

Rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice.