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COVID-19 Safety Protocols 2021-22

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Testing Program

Students and staff members may sign up to participate in the district’s COVID-19 testing program by clicking here. At this time, your participation is entirely optional, however we strongly encourage all unvaccinated individuals to participate.

By signing up on behalf of your child, you will be consenting to:

Routine COVID Safety Checks: Once each week, a shallow nasal swab will be collected. Your child's swab will be placed in a single tube with the swabs of students and staff members. If a group sample tests positive, individual follow-up testing will be administered.

"Test and Stay" (close contact testing): Your child will be allowed to remain in school if they are identified as a close contact of a student or faculty member who tests positive for COVID-19 AND they are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. They will be tested daily for a period of seven days from the first date of exposure (or five times since weekends are excluded). This program is ONLY for individuals who had close contact while in school or during a school-sanctioned event. Staff and students who are in close contact with a COVID-positive case outside of school must remain home.

Symptomatic Testing: A shallow nasal swab is collected when a student or staff member is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at school. We must stress that you CANNOT GO TO SCHOOL OR WORK IF YOU ARE EXHIBITING SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. This program is intended as a backup when symptoms suddenly appear during the day.


IMPORTANT: Once you complete the consent form, it can take up to 48 hours to add your child to the system. This means that if "test and stay" is needed, your child would need to stay home for up to two school days while we wait for their consent form to be processed by the state. For this reason, we strongly encourage all interested parties to complete the consent form as soon as possible rather than when the need arises.


Updated January 12, 2022.

First page of the PDF file: updatedprotocolsforpositivecases