Current Employees

Kathleen F. Moran, Ed.D., Executive Director
Phone: 508-580-7535, Fax: 508-580-7091

Associate Director, Matthew Beals 508-580-7535
Associate Director, Stephanie Geddes 508-580-7535
Associate Director, Tracy Holland 508-580-7535

Salary Schedules

BEA Salary Schedule - 2020-2021

MTA Salary Schedule - 2019-2022

Paraprofessionals Salary Schedule - 2020-2021

Substitute Payroll Schedule - 2019-2020

Current Union Contracts

Professional Licensure Renewal

Go to to begin the process.

♦ All educators are advised to review their licensure status on a yearly basis. Educator licenses are valid for five year of employment under that license. By reviewing your license and following the DESE licensure guidelines, you will avoid holding an expired or invalid license.

♦ Please note: a form is available on the BPS HR web site which may be used for Verification of School Based Employment / Induction Mentoring. The form is available on the DESE web site, also.

♦ Please remember that your Individual Professional Development Plan does require a final endorsement from your supervisor. For most K-8 teachers, the endorsement will be done by the Principal. For high school teachers, the endorsement will be done by the Department Heads.

√ Once your new license has been issued to you, please forward a copy to the Human Resources Office.