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11 Brockton High School Students Complete Prestigious Apprenticeship Program

The Brockton High School Science Department joined city officials on Wednesday, May 18, in honoring 11 students who successfully completed the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center High School Apprenticeship Challenge.

The student-honorees met for 10 weeks after school to learn core molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry skills to prepare them for summer internships in academic or commercial life science laboratories. Several of the participants committed to paid research opportunities this summer with The Forsyth Institute, the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center CURE program, and the Ragon Institute.

“Our collaboration with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center has given our brilliant young scientists access to valuable experiential learning opportunities. It fills me with great pride to know that many of our students will be getting their first employment experience at institutions that are doing lifesaving work. They have worked hard for this and they deserve to be celebrated,” said Superintendent Michael P. Thomas.

The High School Apprenticeship Challenge is the latest offering intended to prepare BHS students for career opportunities in the life sciences. The high school also offers several courses through the state's Healthcare Innovation Pathway Program. Offerings include Health Assisting, Laboratory Technologies, and Engineering, to name a few.

“Our goal as educators is to help students envision a clear path from the classroom to their future careers. We’re fortunate not only to be able to offer hands-on learning to our students, but also to be able to connect them with paid summer internships that align with their interests,” said Dr. David Mangus, Science Department Head at Brockton High School.

“Several Brockton High School alumni/ae are widely respected leaders in life science fields. The prestigious institutions that are hiring our students know this and are making an investment in the next generation of leaders to come out of Brockton,” said Brockton Mayor Robert F. Sullivan. “We are thrilled for our students and we are confident that they will transform any industry in which they choose to enter.”

Congratulations to the Spring 2022 Honorees:

Jada Anderson, Grade 12

Kayden Barros, Grade 11

Jaquan Chin, Grade 10

Gloria Doliscar, Grade 11

Sol Hassan, Grade 10

MD Raiyan Hossain, Grade 12

Martin Kariuki, Grade 11

Russell Monteiro-Johnson, Grade 10

Karolyne Salas-Santos, Grade 11

Zion St Fort, Grade 11

Samantha Thevenin, Grade 12



The largest high school in Massachusetts, Brockton High School is a previous recipient of three STEM equipment grants from the MLSC. Overall, the MLSC has provided Brockton High School with approximately $400,000 in STEM equipment and supplies funding, teacher professional development, and annual support of the lab training program. In 2021, BPS received another STEM equipment and supplies grant aimed at improving training for our middle and high school teachers to implement the Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) instructional model in our classrooms.

As part of the MLSC’s fiscal year 2019 STEM District Grant Program, Brockton also received $200,000 for Brockton middle schools. The middle school grant will catalyze the district’s plans to adopt a comprehensive and innovative science curriculum for all seven of their middle schools.

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