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A Message to the BPS Community Following the Tragedy in Uvalde, Texas

Dear BPS Families,

While there is very little I can say or do to take away the heartbreak we are all feeling tonight following the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, my focus as your Superintendent is on making your family feel safe and supported.

I felt it was important during this difficult time to reaffirm that there is nothing more important to me than the safety of your children and our staff. I also wanted to use this message to remind you of some of the measures we have in place to keep our community safe:

  • The district has a School Police Department that closely monitors and patrols all school grounds with support from the Brockton Police Department. Many of our officers are graduates of Brockton High School and have personal connections to our community. They care deeply about our kids and their safety.
  • All of our staff, regardless of position, are required to complete an active shooter and preparedness education program called the ALICE Protocol. BPS employees completed a refresher course two weeks ago.
  • We have social-emotional supports in place at every school and continue to encourage staff members to refer any students in crisis to their school adjustment counselors.

I understand that many of our students have social media and may have seen information about the tragedy in Texas. Our school adjustment counselors are available to support any child who needs assistance processing this incident.

The School Police and Brockton Police Department will continue to evaluate our safety protocols and implement changes if/when needed.

Thank you,

Superintendent Thomas

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