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Adult Learning Center Students Honored at Annual Awards Ceremony

Students who successfully completed the High School Equivalency Exam, English for Speakers of Other Languages courses, Certified Nursing Assistant program, and Information Technology Essentials program were honored on Monday, June 13, and Tuesday, June 14, at the Adult Learning Center. The four ceremonies, which were held across two days, included students speakers Maria Alice Monteiro, ESOL, Daphnee Jean Philippe, ESOL, Cheslaine Raphael, CNA, Jennifer Ducheine, ESOL, Tairine Monteiro Lobo, HSE, Kelsie Barstad, HSE, Jean Lindor, CNA, and Thelizia Laroche Fils, IT. Guest speakers included Mayor Robert F. Sullivan and Superintendent Michael Thomas.

Student Speaker 2022

Congratulations to our student honorees and best of luck in your future careers.

High School Equivalency Graduates

Kelsie Barstad
Eberson Costa
Charlene Wilson
Nkechi Ijeoma
Akeem Jones
Marie Florence Mardy
Maria Alice Monteiro
Melissa Osborne
Verna Rodrigues
Joshua Therenciel
Benjamin Washburn

ESOL Graduates

Cristiana Barcelos Alvarenga
Antonio Antunes
Alessandra Barbosa
Louinel Beaubrun
Loussy Blanchard
Anne Marei Guirlande Brutus
Fendy Cenatus
Jamesly Chancy
Jhonson Charles
Alcinda Maria Delgado
Nehemie Desvallons
Sandra DosSantos
Francois Ducheine
Jennifer Ducheine
May Erian
Reginald Estin
Lordson Francois
Antonio Gomes
Celmira Goncalves
Daphnee Jean Philippe
Marc Armstrong Joseph
Nelson Jovelino
Florence Kago
Hubens Lafontant
Clarinx Max Louis
Saintil Louis Mury Maxwell
Elia V. Mendes
Christian Edgard Merisme
Christie Dalha Merisme
Myrlene Verne Merisme
Carmen Judith Molina
Fabricia Moreira
Tairine Monteiro Lobo
Marleine Rosembert
Mury Saintil
Mikerlange Sanon
Gislaine Cristian Santos

Nursing Assistant Graduates

Julie Alexandre
Neusa Antunes
Silvia DePina
Cheslaine Raphael
Guilaine Gonzalez
Nadege Guilaume
Florence Kago
Delano Jean
Carla Joseph
Diamond Leslie
Jean Lindor
Derbie Maurice
Keane Martins
Daniele Monteiro
Myline Pierre Louis
Roselor Plancher
Alyna Providence
Marie Sonia Revolus
Gilbert Saint Quitte
Dudly Ashley Samora
Islande S. Elien
Martha Woodbury

Information Technology Essentials Graduates

Thelizia Laroche Fils
Joseph Nixon Noel
Carolle Michelle
Jacques Moulite

Perfect Attendance

Victor Cardoso
Gyna Payen
Cathiana Durandisse
Gisele St. Fort
Eddy Monestime
Betty Vachon

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