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BHS Hosts 36th annual HarborOne Fine Arts Show

The 36th annual HarborOne Fine Arts Show was held at Brockton High School from May 3-5. Students and staff were thrilled to have the in-person exhibit return after it was canceled for two years due to the pandemic.

The list of 2022 honorees is included at the bottom of the page.

Makai Benson

Makai Benson

Makai devoted a lot of time during at-home learning to perfecting his craft.

“A lot was happening in my head, so I just needed something to get my mind off of it,” explained the 12th grader.

Benson’s favorite piece featured in the HarborOne Fine Arts Show is a painting that includes multiple faces layered on each other.

“I was working at home and there’s like six different paintings under it,” said Benson. “Whenever I wasn’t satisfied with something, I just made marks with like a palette knife or something like that and different brush strokes. I experimented using chalk, marker, pencil, anything that I could.”

Andrew Boen

Andrew Boen

For Andrew, the pieces he created in AP Art allowed him to explore and build awareness about a topic that he cares about.

“My investigation this year was based around mental illnesses because I find them interesting,” said Boen. “I feel like people with them often get bad treatment or misunderstood and so I really wanted to dive into the emotions, which I tried to portray through facial expressions, or sometimes even like colors.”

Boen’s pieces each seek to portray a different mental health diagnosis.

Jaelyn Bernard-Cranmore

Jaelyn Bernard-Cranmore

Jaelyn’s self-portrait provided the opportunity to paint a person’s likeness for the first time.

“We were able to pick any picture of ourselves, and we were painting it. I chose this one, it was actually the first day of school. It was something that I didn’t really think I’d look back on. I picked it because of how it looks, the background is blue, so it’s a cooler tone, and it affected the rest of the way it looked.”

Her piece took two months to paint as she carefully blended paint to achieve the right colors and focused in on perfecting the shadows within her work.

Annmarie Sherrick

Annmarie Sherrick

For Annmarie Sherrick, who teaches Drawing and Painting, Art Explorations and Ceramics at BHS, the return of the HarborOne Fine Arts Show after two years of at-home learning is special.

“When you see all their hard work on display, matted up, there’s something magical about that, seeing the culmination of all their hard work. And it’s magical for them, too. Because a piece that they’ve had their nose in and they’ve been working so hard on once they see it matted and hanging on the wall you can see the pride in them,” Sherrick shared.

As an artist, Sherrick knows firsthand how art can be a way to express emotion in a positive and meaningful way. Walking through the exhibit on May 3, she was moved by how students used their chosen mediums to express how they feel about growing up during a worldwide pandemic.

“Looking at some of the work, you can see how much emotion throughout the last two years is coming out in their pieces as well,” she explained. “There are some heavy things being processed in their work and I think it’s so wonderful for them to be able to have that outlet and then to see that outlet is valued as well.”


Honorable Mention            Olivia Spadea
Honorable Mention Flavia Fernandes
3rd Place Ava Vasquez Parham
2nd Place Makai Benson
1st Place Katarina Lutz
Honorable Mention Destiny Cater
Honorable Mention Jaliyah Barros
3rd Place Elisa Arzeno
2nd Place Tuzi Zheng
1st Place Malik Goncalves
Honorable Mention Dora Dorval
Honorable Mention Savannah Fontes
3rd Place Olivia Pinney
2nd Place James Misir
1st Place Andrew Boen
2nd Place Mikayla Homicil
1st Place Elisa Arzeno
Honorable Mention Viviana Depina
Honorable Mention Taina Badillo
3rd Place Gabrielle Pina
2nd Place Kasandra Munoz
1st Place Schamenslly Jean Pierre
3rd Place Danielle Parker
2nd Place Jaydin Rodrigues
1st Place Martina Grein
2nd Place Nya Jackson
1st Place  Willow Smith
Honorable Mention Kaylijah Louis
Honorable Mention Latifa Adan
3rd Place Wacilla Moniz
2nd Place Jacob Simmons
1st Place Cleentania Pierre
Honorable Mention Vanessa Norestyl
Honorable Mention Emily Cardoso
3rd Place Gabrielle Jantilli
2nd Place Tayha Lesperance
1st Place Malik Goncalves
2nd Place Saveja Feliz
1st Place Miguel Colan
2nd Place Zoe Lopez
Danielle Torres
Katrina Goyette
1st Place Valenciya Cepeda
Samayah Rochdi
Luis Lopes
Maizel Samba
Ahmed Wiggins
Best in Show     
    Alyce Watt

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