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BPS Announces Appointment of New Deputy Superintendents

Dear BPS Community,

It is with great pride that I announce the School Committee voted on Tuesday night to approve the appointment of Sharon Wolder as our new Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning and Dr. James Cobbs as Deputy Superintendent of Operations.  

Sharon and Jim have been integral members of my Executive Team and are already well-known within our community. I look forward to continuing to work with them to improve structures within our school district.


Superintendent Thomas

About Sharon Wolder: 

Sharon Wolder, who is currently our Chief Officer of Student Support Services, began her career in 1995 as a Social Science/History Teacher at Brockton High School. She became Social Science Department Head in 2002, Dean of the Red Building in 2004, and Associate Principal of Curriculum and Instruction in 2010. Sharon served as principal of Brockton High from 2013 to 2017. She was a key member of the leadership team that led the successful turnaround of BHS and she spearheaded efforts to create a more cohesive academic transition from middle school to high school. 

More recently, Sharon has been the go-to leader for many important initiatives in our district. Prior to the creation of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, it was Sharon who offered training in civil rights and equity and created the PreK-12 Diversity Education Steering Committee that produced several workshops and resources for the district. She developed and implemented the intervention center at North, co-chaired the Social Emotional Learning Steering Committee, co-chaired the District Crisis Management Tactical Team and provided leadership and guidance to nearly a dozen BPS departments.

Sharon’s background in curriculum development and student support services is truly unique. She possesses the expertise we need in a deputy as we address the ongoing impacts of the pandemic and as we move into the implementation phase of our new five-year strategic plan. 

About Dr. James Cobbs: 

Dr. Cobbs has served as Executive Director of Operations since 2019. He also served as Principal of Edison Academy from 2013 to 2021 and Principal of Champion High School and the former BB Russell Alternative School from August 2014-November 2015. An Influence 100 Fellow, Dr. Cobbs began his career in education in 2001 as an assistant principal, summer school coordinator, and teacher at the Curley Middle School in Jamaica Plain.  

Dr. Cobbs is a military veteran who has held multiple positions in service to our country, including Executive Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, Major, Commander of an Electrical Power Line Unit, Combat Engineering, Transportation Officer, and Electrician. He also possesses experience as a nursing home executive director, which equipped him with extensive operations experience. 

Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Cobbs and the Facilities Department staff worked tirelessly to equip every school with the requisite personal protective equipment to keep everyone safe and healthy. His team worked in concert with the Finance Department to responsibly allocate federal funds to the areas of greatest concern, updating our HVAC systems and installing air purifiers at a rapid pace. Jim also helped to bring our transportation services in-house, which will save our city millions over the next decade. 

As we look ahead to important capital projects, including the eventual renovation of Brockton High School, I know that Dr. Cobbs is the best possible person to lead that work.

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