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Middle School Placement for Grade 5 Families Now Available on Parent Portal

Students in general education classrooms who are entering sixth grade may now access their grade six placement letter on their parent/guardian's parent portal account.

Important Notes:

- Placements for students in SEI classrooms will be uploaded after the district receives recent assessment results.

- All students in Special Education classrooms receive their placements directly from the Special Education Department.

- Students who applied to the Middle School Honors Academy will not receive notice of their application status until closer to the end of the school year. This will not have an impact on the child's middle school assignment and each child's middle school assignment is now available.

To Access the Assignment Letter:

  • Go to the parent portal
  • Go to the backpack and select "notices".
  • Your child's assignment letter will be in the notices folder.

Instructions for accessing the backpack:






If you'd like to learn about the appeals process, please visit the enrollment page.

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