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Welcome to the Technology Department! Brockton has proudly been a one-to-one district since 2020- this means that each of our students is assigned a laptop to use for educational purposes inside and outside of school.

New technology naturally comes with the need for occasional technology support. If you require assistance, we ask that you first request support at your school. Alternately, you may use the important contacts below.

IF YOU are experiencing technical issues with a BPS laptop, please call the BPS Helpdesk at 508-468-0973 or email PARENTHD@BPSMA.ORG.

IF YOU are having difficulty logging into one of the district’s online learning platforms, please email

Accord de prêt d’un appareil 1:1 (FRENCH)
Contrato de Empréstimo de Equipamento Informático Individual (PORTUGUESE) 
Acuerdo de Préstamo de Dispositivo (SPANISH)

Daniel Vigeant
Director of Technology Services

Kevin Daponte
Director of Instructional Technology