Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Learning

This page will be updated as we receive new questions.


Can my child switch to a different cohort?

We cannot accept any requests to switch cohorts. Cohorts were carefully designed to ensure class sizes are balanced. Moving one student would likely have a snowball effect that would impact other students.

I missed the phone call that provided my child’s cohort. What should I do?

All cohort information will be disseminated by phone call at 6 p.m. on Monday, February 8. If you miss the call, do not worry. Please call your child's school to request their cohort assignment.

My child was assigned to a hybrid learning cohort, but I plan to keep them home. What should I do?

Students who plan to stay fully remote when we transition to hybrid learning were still assigned a cohort. This will make it easier for those students to transition back to the classroom if or when families are ready for their students to return. It won't have any impact on their ability remain in a remote learning model. If you'd like to keep your child in a remote learning program, please contact your child's school. You DO NOT need to complete ANY paperwork for the hybrid learning program.


Do I need to opt in to hybrid learning?

No. All students will be assigned to a hybrid learning cohort unless their parent requests to keep them home and in a remote learning program.

Do I need to request bus transportation?

Students who qualify for bus transportation received their bus assignments to their BPS email address on February 12. If your child did not receive their assignment and you believe they qualify for bus transportation, please email Our bus routes are also available here.

How many days per week will my child be in school?

Initially, your child will be in school one day per week. After successful implementation, they will transition to being in school two days per week.

A small cohort of students who receive Special Education services could be in school for additional days each week. Their families have already been notified.

What date will my child be in school for the first time?

The district will phase students in by grade level over a period of two weeks beginning on Tuesday, March 2, with PreK, kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 9. On Tuesday, March 9, students in grades 1 through 5, as well as 7, 8 and 10 will return. On March 16, grades 11 and 12 will return.

As you know, March 2 is a target date and we need to review the public health data before this becomes our official return date.

Students in the small cohort of Special Education students will return the week of Tuesday, February 23.

Why aren’t students going to be in school for two days a week right away?

We decided to begin with one day per week and then scale up to two days per week at a later date because we recognize that many students need time to get comfortable in their learning spaces. This phase-in model will allow them to become acclimated to their new learning environments with about 25 percent of an entire class in school at one time and fewer people in the building.

On the days my child is remote, will they be assigned more independent work?

During hybrid learning, all students will receive 35 hours of "live instruction" over a 10-school day period in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary (DESE) guidelines. This 35 hours will include the one day per week that they are in the classroom. Since our teachers will now have students in the classroom with them, it is likely that your child will receive more independent work than they currently have.

Teachers will provide instructions for independent work on their Schoology or Teams pages or within the live chat of their group meetings. If your child doesn’t know what independent work they are supposed to be doing, please check these two areas before calling your child’s school for guidance. Keep in mind that your child’s teacher will not be available to answer calls or emails during the school day so it is best to contact the main office if you require assistance.

Does my child need to bring their BPS laptop to school with them?

Yes. Please send them to school with their BPS laptop and charger. They should also bring a clean, dry mask and writing utensils (such as pencils or pens) with them.

Students in the small cohort of Special Education students that are scheduled to return on February 23 are not required to bring their laptop to school. If your child is in this cohort, they’ve already been notified by the Special Education Department.

My child uses a personal laptop at home. Can they use that at school?

All students must use a BPS laptop when in school. Personal devices will not work on the school's WIFI. If your child does not have a BPS laptop, please call their school to request one. BPS can not be responsible for personal devices, lost, damaged or stolen.

What if I want to keep them fully remote? Will they stay with their teacher?

If you’d like to keep your child fully remote, please call their school. Our intention is to keep students in their current classes.

If my child misses a day of in-person learning, can they attend a different day that week?

No. We understand that some students might miss a day due to a doctor’s appointment or for other reasons. Due to capacity limitations, we cannot allow students to attend school on days they are not scheduled to be in the classroom.

Will Extended Day be offered?

Extended Day will be available on a student's in-person day only. Families may learn more or register here no later than February 26.


Is my child required to wear a mask?

Yes. All students regardless of age are required to wear a mask. The best thing you can do to prepare them for this is to normalize mask wearing as part of their daily routine now. All students will be given three cloth masks on their first day in the classroom.

Students will be given frequent mask breaks and time for handwashing.

What should I do if my child is identified as a close contact of an individual diagnosed with COVID-19?

We’ve compiled a detailed explanation of how parents/guardians should respond in the event that their child is exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19. Please carefully review those instructions as soon as possible. If your child must self-isolate, please call their school to discuss their quarantine period with a school nurse. Their principal will also provide a remote learning option at that time.

How will safety be handled on my child’s school bus?

This is explained in detail in our hybrid reopening plan.


Will my child be given breakfast on the days that they are in school?

Due to safety concerns, breakfast will not be eaten in the classroom like it was in the past. Students should eat breakfast before they arrive to school. Our grab-and-go food program will continue to operate during hybrid learning so you can continue to pick up a breakfast and a lunch each week day. Your child will also be given a breakfast to take home with them for the following day.

Will my child be given lunch on the days that they are in school?

Yes. They will also be given a breakfast to bring home with them for the following day.

Students will eat lunch in the school cafeterias. They will be required to remain six feet away from all other students while eating or whenever they have their masks off. All cafeterias will be sanitized in between each lunch period.


I am planning to take my child out of state. Can they return to school when we return to Brockton?

BPS students and staff are required to strictly adhere to the state’s travel order. Please carefully review the travel order before making travel plans.

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