Art Education

Sarah Richards
Director of Art, K-12

The Fine Arts Program in the Brockton Public Schools provides an aesthetic, intellectual and stimulating atmosphere for creative and technical proficiency. The sequential arts program is designed to awaken the child's awareness to beauty in life and nature and to develop a deep appreciation of social and cultural backgrounds.

In art, students learn to express their own ideas and emotions through various art forms and media, encouraging personal growth and a developed sense of self-esteem. Art offers opportunities for students to grow and make connections in life. It fosters development of problem solving skills through exploration and opens doors for growth and development which otherwise may never have been discovered.

As students progress they are given the opportunity to investigate and analyze past influences in the arts and society
as well as present trends. Student artists are encouraged to respond to this knowledge by using their advancing skills to create meaningful pieces of art.

The Brockton Public Schools Fine Arts Program, K-12, adopts the vision of the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework, which states, "Learning in, about and through the arts develops each learner's capacity to make meaning from experience, respond to creativity and contribute to our society." The Fine Arts Program in the Brockton Public Schools embraces the Guiding Principles of the Arts Framework.

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