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Welcome to the Bilingual Parent and Family Resource Page. We hope that you will enjoy the resources we have put together for you. In visiting our webpage, our hope is that you will see our dedication to our students' language learning strengths and academic purpose.

The Brockton Public Schools Bilingual Department believes in and promotes multilingualism. Our vision is to develop linguistic, academic, cognitive and cultural skills necessary not only for learning purposes but in preparation for life. We believe that all students should learn to speak more than one language. The ability to speak more than one language is a valuable asset, and our students cultivate this ability in a rigorous yet supported setting. We hold our student's to higher expectations regardless of their background, language, culture or academic preparation. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have the ability to offer our students various opportunities for all ages and proficiency levels.

The Bilingual Department's Mission and Vision (Missão/Misión)

Bilingual Core Beliefs

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Lucia Alvarado
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Sheltered English Immersion Classrooms K-12

Spanish Two-Way K-8

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Transitional Bilingual Education 6-12

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