English Language Arts/Reading

Reading/English Language Arts K-8

Julianne Andrade, Ed.D.,Coordinator
Elementary Literacy, K-5 and
Social Studies, K-5

English 9-12
Nicole McLaren, Department Chair



Department Philosophy:
The English Program at Brockton High School is designed to develop and extend student mastery in the integrated literacy areas of reading and literature, language and composition, and reasoning. The goals of fostering students' awareness of, appreciation for, and proficiency with language and the varieties of its aesthetic expression are implicit in our planning.

The freshman and sophomore two-year sequence focuses on students' skill development in the literacy areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking. The junior and senior courses are designed to build on and emphasize those literacy skills. Additionally, in the junior year, students will gain proficiency in the use of rhetorical strategies and research.