John K. Snelgrove, CAGS
Department Head of Guidance, PreK-8

The Guidance Department is comprised of school psychologists, school adjustment counselors, guidance counselors and bi-lingual counselors. A consulting psychiatrist also provides services to students.

The mission of the Brockton Public Schools Guidance Services Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmental guidance and counseling program that promotes resilience and excellence in education. The program assists students to develop into confident, independent and productive members of our wider community.

Confidentiality is extremely important in the student-counselor relationship. It is vital that the student is informed that material shared in the counseling session remains confidential. It is the counselor's professional responsibility to limit access to personal information to those who have a "need and right to know". In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the confidentiality rights of a student under the age of eighteen reside with the parent or legal guardian.

The goals of our department are formulated to

    • help students develop the ability to make carefully considered decisions in personal, social, career and educational matters.
    • support parents in developing the understanding and skills necessary to help their children with educational and career choices.
    • assist students and parents to widen their range of choices in career and educational alternatives.
    • help students, parents, teachers and administrators to deal with problems within the classroom and the wider school environment.
    • assist students to strengthen their self-perception so they may better recognize their need for appropriate counseling services, while in school or later in life.
    • provide sound clinical practices to serve the mental health needs of the school community.
Crisis situations are a frequent occurrence in any school setting. The Guidance Services and Health Departments are instrumental in dealing with these difficult situations. Procedures and strategies have been developed and implemented throughout the Brockton School Department and have been codified into a system-wide Crisis Management Policy.

Another paramount duty of guidance staff is to make sure that students are safe and that their physical and emotional needs are being met. This often entails the filing of a 51A report when child abuse or neglect is suspected. All school personnel are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse under Massachusetts General Laws, C 119, 51A-G.

Guidance Services Department personnel are mandated by the Brockton School Committee to deal with attendance issues. Long-term attendance concerns involving truancy are addressed through the Attendance Office of the Brockton School Department.

The Guidance Services Department is responsible for the interpretation and explanation to parents of both citywide and statewide testing programs. The psychologists within the Guidance Services department are responsible for the administration of individual tests of cognitive ability. Other assessment devices are utilized when necessary to meet the needs of bilingual students. Testing is also conducted for students for whom there are concerns about language impairments. In addition to tests of cognitive ability, school psychologists may also evaluate visual motor skills and emotional and personality factors.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has developed a website entitles "Facts for Families." This is a resource that provides information on various issues that affect children and their families.

PreK-8 Guidance Services

PreK-8 Guidance Services

In the elementary middle school year, students face a wide variety of academic, social and developmental tasks.

The PreK-8 Guidance Department of the Brockton Public Schools provides support for all of these challenges. Our team members are School Adjustment Counselors, Guidance Counselors and School Psychologists, professionals who are:

  • Enhancing parent/communication;
  • Evaluating learning styles and educational needs;
  • Formulating support plans;
  • Advising parents, teachers and students;
  • Providing crisis intervention;
  • Mediating conflicts;
  • Counseling for career and high school choices;
  • Coordinating efforts for student success;
  • Designing and providing curriculum for character, social and emotional development;
  • Helping students through the stumbling blocks – both large and small – that can be encountered in the elementary and middle school years.

Guidance Counselors

Every student in Grades 6-8 is assigned to a Guidance Counselor. The middle school years are unique, due to the many physical, emotional and social changes experienced by young adolescents. It is a time when support, understanding and guidance are essential. Guidance Counselors provide that support with individual counseling, group counseling, classroom presentations and assemblies.

Guidance Counselors are your student’s advisors, mediators, mentors and friends in need. They maintain academic records, referring to and interpreting past assessment to make the best scheduling decision for each student. They then monitor each student’s academic progress, communicate with parents, consult with teachers, and other professionals when issues arise.

They assist students and parent through the High School application and course selection process. When a student is experiencing difficulty of any kind, large or small, their Guidance Counselor can provide problem-solving advice, crisis intervention, mediation and an empathetic ear. Through their unique training and experience, Guidance Counselors work to help each and every student develop self-understanding, achieve academically and realize their goals.

Adjustment Counselors

These caring and dedicated professionals are available to all students who are experiencing social, emotional or personal problems. By consulting with teachers, parents and School Psychologists, Adjustment Counselors can identify problems and design solutions for student success. They see students in small groups or individually to offer support, social skills training, encouragement or crisis intervention as needed. With a thorough knowledge of community resources and social service agencies, they are able to make recommendations and referrals that make significant differences in the lives of our students and their families.

Adjustment Counselors are involved with a variety of activities which may differ amongst schools. Some of these activities include fundraising, campership committees, and holiday assistance to needy families. Adjustment Counselors assist with referrals to grant-funded initiatives as well as community programs that promote social and academic success.

School Psychologists

School Psychology is a specialty area within the profession of psychology which focuses upon the psycho-educational development of individuals, their abilities and potentials, and the emotional and cultural factors which influence this learning process. School Psychologists are equipped to deal with a wide range of problems which children, parents and teachers may face. A crucial component of the School Psychologist position is identifying a child’s social/emotional and academic needs, limitations, and potentials by observing the child in both structured and unstructured settings, studying school records, consulting with parents and school personnel, and administering and interpreting diagnostic findings. The School Psychologists are also trained to help children, staff and the school community all areas of mental health and psycho-educational services by providing trainings.

The role of the School Psychologist in Brockton varies within a particular school according to the needs of each school community. School Psychologists area ble to provide essential services to students, school staff and parents.

Although they are skilled in both individual and group counseling, the roles of Guidance Counselors and Adjustment Counselors differ from those of therapeutic counselors. They cannot be thought of, or used as, substitutes for outpatient therapy.

PreK-8 Guidance Staff

PreK-8 Guidance Staff

The Guidance Department staff provides vital services to children and families in each school, including counseling, mediation, case management and referrals.

Angelo School
School Adjustment Counselor Jenna McLaughlin
School Adjustment Counselor Darcy Lamond
School Psychologist Lisa King

Arnone School
School Adjustment Counselor Kristin McKenna
School Adjustment Counselor Erin Coombs
School Psychologist Danielle McCabe

Baker School
School Adjustment Counselor Renee Lindo
School Adjustment Counselor Soraya Presume-Calixte
School Psychologist Joseph Rice

Brookfield School
School Adjustment Counselor Sue Cole
School Adjustment Counselor Casey O'Brien
School Psychologist Andrea Giordani

Davis School
School Adjustment Counselor Scott Pearsons
School Adjustment Counselor Margery Cohen
Guidance Counselor Kari Denitzio
School Psychologist Jamie Wine

Downey School
School Adjustment Counselor Kimberly Wensley
School Adjustment Counselor Elizabeth McMullin
School Psychologist Julie Morgan

George School
School Adjustment Counselor Deb Scott
School Adjustment Counselor Claudia Gallagher
School Psychologist Julie Morgan

Gilmore Early Childhood Center
School Adjustment Counselor Kristen Noonan
School Psychologist Andrene McDonald/
Danielle McCabe

Hancock School
School Adjustment Counselor Tara Shea-Blake
School Adjustment Counselor Kelsie Bramberg
School Adjustment Counselor Alice Williams
School Psychologist Andrene McDonald

Huntington School
School Adjustment Counselor Julie Wiggins
School Adjustment Counselor Nicholas Robin
School Psychologist Joseph Rice

Kennedy School
School Adjustment Counselor Nicole Heffron
School Adjustment Counselor Carmela Guilloteau
School Psychologist Maxine Weinstein

Raymond School
School Adjustment Counselor Michele Falconieri
School Adjustment Counselor Pedro Rosario
Guidance Counselor Andrea Giordani
School Psychologist Julie Morgan

Ashfield Middle School
School Adjustment Counselor David Lewis
Guidance Counselor Melissa Shepard
School Psychologist Lisa King

East Middle School
School Adjustment Counselor Melissa Monteiro
Guidance Counselor Catherine Concannon
School Psychologist Maxine Weinstein

North Middle School
School Adjustment Counselor Jane Zucco
Guidance Counselor Jane Colombo
School Psychologist Lisa King

Plouffe Academy
School Adjustment Counselor Maria Lobo-Andrade
Guidance Counselor John MacDonald
School Psychologist Maxine Weinstein

South Middle School
School Adjustment Counselor Maura Mello
Guidance Counselor
School Psychologist Jamie Wine

West Middle School
School Adjustment Counselor Maureen Woodson
Guidance Counselor Kathy Luiz
School Psychologist Jamie Wine

BB Russell Alternative School
School Adjustment Counselor Keri Clark
Guidance Counselor Judy Terrasi
School Psychologist Joseph Rice

Brockton Champion High School
School Adjustment Counselor/Guidance Counselor Keri Clark
School Psychologist Joseph Rice

PreK-8 Guidance Department Links

The Guidance Department strives to link the school community with service providers and support available in the community.

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