Library & Media


Program Philosophy

The instructional Resource Department is designed to function as an integral part of the total school's educational program. Its purpose is to support the system's philosophy of promoting individual growth while developing an educated person, able to gain and apply knowledge effectively in a complex and changing world.

Library media specialists and teachers collaborate to provide learning experiences that utilize the resources of the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) and the global community. These experiences will enable students to become increasingly self-directed users of information while developing critical thinking skills, with the ultimate goal of creating successful life-long learners.

The Brockton Public Schools Instructional resource Program adopts and supports the vision and principles of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

The library/information services staff incorporates the English/Language Arts, General Standard 24 - Research, when developing lessons with teachers. The staff and teachers work collaboratively to ensure that students gather information from a variety of sources, and analyze and evaluate the quality of the information they obtain, and use it to answer their own questions.

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the IRC is to support the established aims of the total educational program by:
Providing students with an environment to investigate, experiment and utilize several types of informational resources that encourage students to become lifelong learners.

Providing students and faculty with a rich variety of print and non-print materials, activities and learning opportunities.

Modeling the use of resources to find the best method for selecting, evaluating, organizing and utilizing materials.


Circulation: Books are loaned for two weeks and may be renewed if no one is waiting for the book. There are no fines for overdue books, however, students must pay for lost or damaged books.

Passes: Each student must have a school-wide academic pass for entrance to the IRC. Both subject and directed academic teachers may issue library passes, with the exception of period 4, when only subject teachers may issue library passes.

Students must report to their respective house IRCs during periods 4 and 5.

The primary use of the computers is for educational purposes.

Coats and hats are not allowed until 2:09.

IRC Guidelines

Respect the rights of others by working quietly and efficiently
No food, drinks, or gum allowed.
No cell phones, CD or music players.
Be productive
Appropriate language only!