Heather A. Ronan, Ph.D
Coordinator of Mathematics and Science, PreK - 5

Daniel Corbett
Department Head, 9-12



The Brockton Public Schools believes that all students are mathematicians. By providing students with the opportunity to engage in rich meaningful tasks where students are required to represent their thinking, communicate their reasoning, and participate in mathematics discussions, students will develop a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics.

BPS embraces the Standards of Mathematical Practices and these standards are evident in our classrooms. Our teachers strive to create an environment where students are encouraged to share their thinking, evaluate their own reasoning as well as the reasoning of their peers, and where different approaches and strategies to solving mathematics problems are valued. Students are expected to move beyond memorizing (algorithms, rules) and “doing” the math to understanding and explaining the math.

It is through this approach to teaching and learning mathematics that we are preparing the Brockton Public School students for success in the careers of the future.

Resources for both parents and teachers are provided on these pages. Further information is available by calling the Office of Teaching and Learning, Mathematics, at 508-580-7565 or by e-mailing the coordinator: HeatherARonan@bpsma.org or joanfarrington@bpsma.org.

We are in the process of completing a website devoted exclusively to Math, Grades K-8. The website is designed to provide resources for parents and staff to assist the student in developing a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics. The website's URL is:


Although the website is still under development, many of the resources are available to teachers now. Additional resources, including resources for parents, will be added as they become available.