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Parents' Resources & Information

Soraya DeBarros
BPS School Registration & Parent Information Center

60 Crescent Street, Lower Level
(please use Maple Avenue entrance)
Brockton, MA 02301

Jane Feroli
Specialist for Parent Engagement
BPS School Registration & Parent Information Center

60 Crescent Street, Lower Level
Brockton, MA 02301

Additional Information for Parents

Promotion Policy

The Brockton Public Schools K - 3 Promotion Policy

A Gateways and Pathways Education Progress Model:

Student Success in a Standards-Based System"

A Guide for Families and Teachers of Kindergarten-Grade Three Students

Includes: Promotion Policies for K-3; Appeals Process; Appeals Procedure; Time Frame for Implementation; The Gateways and Pathways Model; Promotion without condition and Promotion with Condition; Gatekeeper Skills; Parent Participation; Special Education and Bilingual Students; Standards for Promotion and Critical Benchmark Skills


Grade One
Includes: Standards for promotion to Grade One; Student Products Standard; Placement in the Kindergarten-Plus Program; Returning First Grade Students to the Kindergarten-Plus Program; the Appeals Process; Kindergarten Critical Benchmark Skills

Grade Two
Includes: Standards for Promotion to Grade Two, without Condition; Standards for Promotion to Grade Two, with Condition; the Appeals process; Grade One Critical Benchmark Skills

Grade Three
Includes: Standards for Promotion to Grade Three, without Condition; Standards for Promotion to Grade Three, with Condition; the Appeals process; Grade Two Critical Benchmark Skills

Grade Four
Includes: Standards for Promotion to Grade Four; Retention Standards for Grade Three Appeals Process; Grade Three Critical Benchmark Skills

Critical Benchmark Forms

Kindergarten - Language Arts

Kindergarten - Math

Grade One - Language Arts

Grade One - Math

Grade Two - Language Arts

Grade Two - Math

Grade Three - Language Arts

Grade Three - Math

Parent Engagement Program

Project Brochure
Get Involved & Stay Involved

PARENTS....You are your child's first teacher.
You can help your child learn in many ways.
Use everyday activities to help your child learn.
Help build good study habits.
Stay involved in your child's education.
Your child needs your love and support.
Do all you can to help your child learn and be successful.


ATTEND Parents' Academy Workshops.
GET INVOLVED at your child's school.
COMMUNICATE often with the teachers and staff.
CONTACT the school parent liaison for parent engagement information.
VOLUNTEER in the classroom.
ATTEND the PAC / PTA / PTO meetings.
PARTICIPATE in the family activity nights.
READ about us in School View & in the Brockton Enterprise.
SEE us on Cityview -- Educational Cable Channel 98 at 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.
LOG ON TO our school website

For more information, please contact:
Jane Feroil
BPS Specialist for Parent Engagement
508-894-4328 or,

10 Ways for Parents to Get Involved

  1. Always attend parent-teachers conference and school open houses and bring specific questions you want to ask.
  2. Develop a consistent daily routine and time for studying and homework.
  3. Know how to reach your child's teacher and school's staff - telephone numbers, e-mail, office hours, etc.
  4. Volunteer to chaperone a school field trip or work in the classroom.
  5. Learn about the background of elected school and municipal officials, and vote in city elections.
  6. Be a role model: keep active in community service and include your child.
  7. Work to share your family's culture, values and parenting practices with your child's school.
  8. Discuss your child's school day and homework. Ask him/her to show you something that he/she did that day and how he/she did it.
  9. Learn your child's strengths and weaknesses in different areas of school.
  10. Talk with your child's teacher about how to create home learning games and activities.

Sources: The National P.T.A. and National A.E.Y.C.

Stay Involved

Parent Involvement makes a big difference in students' performance, according to researchers at the Center for School, Family and Community Partnerships at John Hopkins University of Baltimore, Maryland. When parents become involved, students have:
  • Higher grades, test scores and graduation rates
  • Better school attendance
  • Increased motivation, better self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension
  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior
  • Greater enrollment rates in post secondary education

Student Forms

Brockton Community Resource Guide