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Teacher Appreciation Week recognizes Barrett Russell Teacher Maryann Morrill
In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we bring you ... Barrett Russell Kindergarten Center teacher Maryann Morrill, who noticed a student had begun to choke and was having trouble breathing in her classroom on March 28. Maryann was escorting the child to the nurse when she noticed increased distress, performed the Heimlich maneuver, and was able to dislodge a quarter that had become stuck in the child's throat. Wow!

Principal Joanne Camillo presented Maryann with a Certificate of Appreciation at the school's April PAC meeting. The Brockton Public Schools is lucky to have caring, dedicated and attentive teachers like Maryann in our schools and classrooms. You rock, Maryann!

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BHS Science Teachers Recognized for Excellence

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we bring you .... Brockton High School Science Teachers who have earned recognition this year for their many and varied achievements, including:

Angela Bergonzi

o Mass Maritime Academy Educator Alumni of the Year

Yuen Chan

o Dawn Sather Outstanding New Teacher Award

Dave Mangus

o Hall at Patriot Place Presented by Raytheon Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year

o National Association of Biology Teachers Ron Mardigian Biotechnology Teaching Award Recipient

Jonathan Shapiro

o MassBioEd Champion for Biotechnology Education

Joyce Voorhis

o Secretary's Awards for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education.

Wow! How lucky to have so many amazing educators in our district. Science at BHS definitely rocks! Way to go!

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Joyce Meaden, BPS Teacher

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we bring you ... Ashfield Middle School teacher Joyce Meaden who has written many grants this year to benefit our poorest kids.

Principal Barbara Lovell tells us Joyce wrote one grant for $500 to provide healthy snacks for kids over the weekends and also facilitated the receipt of three Wi-Fi hotspots they can take home for up to two weeks at a time so families can have unlimited internet on up to 10 devices.

Joyce got two chrome books kids can sign out and work all weekend on projects or just have fun on computers. She wrote a grant for the entire grade 7 to go to the Boston Aquarium, and another so that all of grade 8 was able to go to the Museum of Science with free busing. She is currently working with our district dietician Kate Quealy on a grant for students to create their own gardens and they are growing herbs, celery, lettuce, avocados, onions and other food items.

Joyce does things like this each year and is an amazing part of the Ashfield school community. She is another great example of teachers in the BPS who truly love what they do and do it well ... Rock on, Joyce with our thanks!

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Image Jason Gonzalez, teacher East Middle School, with some students

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we bring you a late entry of ... East Middle School ESL teacher Jason Gonzalez, who had his seventh-grade students write letters to themselves 5 years ago. Today, as seniors, they were mysteriously called down to Principal Wolder's office, having no idea what was going on. There, they found their former classmates feeling just as mystified until they saw Mr. Gonzalez and his handful of letters. Then, each read his or her letter and some shared memories. At the time, some of the students had just arrived from Cape Verde. One couldn't stop smiling: "I wrote that I had a lot of friends!"

To say it was a heartwarming reunion would be an understatement as the students filled Mr. Gonzalez in on their college and career plans. Way to go to Mr. Gonzalez and to all Brockton Public School teachers who go above and beyond to inspire their students. Rock on!

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Inside BPS: Emily Flores - History in The Making

By Sean Mason

Communications Intern

Stonehill Class of 2017

Emily Flores is not only a historian of the classroom, but also of life. The new Head of the Social Sciences at Brockton High School has traveled to seven countries, all of which have some historical meaning in her eyes.

"Growing up, my dad would always give us a background of everywhere we went on vacation," said Flores.

Emily Flores, BHS Social Science Dept. Head

The former history teacher is in her first year as Head of the Social Sciences and it is a big change. Not only does she still maintain her duty as a classroom teacher, but now, she also has departmental responsibility. Her teaching load has been reduced, but that isn't necessarily a benefit, according to Flores.

"I miss having more exposure to students," she said. "I went from teaching three large classes to now one small AP US history class. I love working directly with the other teachers, but nothing quite fills the void of dealing with that many students on a one-to-one basis."

In her new position, Flores fills a large role in determining the curriculum for the entire history department at Brockton High School. She also is in charge of managing all of the faculty's wants and needs. It's safe to say that her plate is quite full.

"Balancing everything, from teaching a small AP class to dealing with the latest problem with our curriculum, has been the most challenging aspect of this new job," Flores said. "Sometimes, I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, but that's when you have to say to yourself 'you have to keep rolling.' "

Although teaching a class and managing a department is a challenge, there are some benefits to doing both, Flores said. As a teacher, she knows exactly how students react to teaching styles and specific aspects of the curriculum, which helps her when determining what exactly to place into the curriculum.

"The further away you get from the classroom, the less perspective you have on how the curriculum actually affects the students and staff," Flores said. "Teaching a class means that I am directly affected by my actions as an administrator."

Flores' favorite historical era to teach is from the beginning of World War I until the end of World War II.

"I love to teach patterns of behavior and both World War I and World War II are perfect examples of how patterns of behavior are repeated throughout history," she said.

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