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Frederick Douglass Academy

Cynthia E. Burns, Principal
Susan M. England, Assistant Principal

The Frederick Douglass Academy at the Keith Center helps students grow academically while focusing on reducing problem behaviors. Remedial needs and MCAS focused practice are prioritized. There are no "study" periods. Classes of core curriculum disciplines/health and wellness/ and remedial support based on Massachusetts Frameworks make up each day. At the junior high and high school levels, students who have demonstrated self control and acceptable social behavior may petition to transfer to classes that are more academically challenging. Students who do transfer to these classes must maintain acceptable behavior. Because the school is small, students who seek advanced classes must either transfer or seek out enriching classes at Massasoit or elsewhere.


The Frederick Douglass Academy at the Keith Center, an educational setting that incorporates a highly structured behavior management system with intensive academic and counseling support services, is dedicated to helping students who struggle with decision making develop a commitment to education.


at The Keith Center
175 Warren Avenue Street
Brockton MA 02301
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:35 p.m..
TEL. 508-580-7033
FAX 508-580-7943

Who We Are

The Frederick Douglass Academy at the Keith Center, grades 5-12 offers:
1. Girls and Boys Town Behavior Intervention and "Second Step" decision-making curriculum.
2. High school diploma/GED/transfer
3. Small class setting and individualized MCAS instruction
4. Special education services
5. Continuation of district curriculum

Contact Us

Cynthia Burns: 508-580-7033

Assistant Principal:
Susan England: 508-580-7033

Administrative Assistant:
Eliane Navarro: 508-580-7033, FAX 508-580-7943

Adjustment Counselor: 508-580-4260
Nurse: 508-580-7209
Guidance: 508-580-7366
Special Education Office: 508-580-7573
BAMSI: 508-580-7336

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Frederick Douglass Academy at the Keith Center.
This school is designed to help students who struggle with decision-making learn more appropriate patterns of behavior by using our level system in conjunction with the Girls' and Boys' Town behavior model "The Well Managed Classroom." The Frederick Douglass Academy staff is updated yearly on the use of this model, and it works well as it makes the student think about each decision made during the day. It also helps parents and staff communicate during the most critical first weeks of school at the Frederick Douglass Academy.

While behavior remediation is our primary concern, academic issues are not ignored. Students are taught with the same books and curriculum used in the mainstream. Special attention is paid to any weak academic areas caused by missed class time. MCAS is the focus at every grade level, and the same district wide benchmark tests are used to evaluate student ability so that individualized remedial work can be planned as needed.

We are proud to offer a Brockton Public School Diploma to students who fulfill district requirements and pass MCAS. We offer a large choice of vocational education opportunities, and can boast that two of our activities are taught by a Massasoit professor. We currently offer two electives, and are enriched by our relationship with many community partners.

The Frederick Douglass Academy will continue to grow and learn as an educational community - changing to meet the needs of the students we teach. You can find out more about us by reading our handbook.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is a key component of student success.

• In school
The School Improvement Council of the Frederick Douglass Academy needs more parent participation. It meets once a month and focuses on the development and implementation of a school improvement plan each year. The school needs a PAC (Parent Advisory Council) to help organize events and raise money for the school.

• At home
Parents are encouraged to participate in school life. Students at the "yellow card" level of our behavior system must bring the cards home for parents or guardians to check. This helps home and school form a safety net of communication to help new students begin to grapple with behavior issues. Once signed, the student should bring the yellow card back to school for school credit. A parent who does not see the yellow card should call the school to check on their child. The more communication between school and home the more successful the student can be.

Community Partners

  • Brockton Area Multi Service
  • Massasoit
  • Stonehill
  • St. Joseph Nursing Home
  • YMCA
  • Girls and Boys Club
  • Brockton VA Hospital
  • Brockton Hospital
  • Lutheran Services
  • Cape Verde AssociationSouth Bay
  • Brockton Family Community Resources
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Pembroke Hospital
  • Ruth House
  • Latino Health Services
  • Mainspring House
  • Catholic Charities

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