Photo Brockton High School, Brockton, MA

Homework Policy

Purposes of Homework

Homework is defined as written or non-written tasks assigned by a teacher to be completed outside the classroom. These assignments should complement class work and be relevant to the curriculum. Homework is a natural extension of the school day and an important part of a student's educational experience. Homework encourages self-discipline, pride in one's work, positive self-esteem, and an interest in learning. Homework reinforces the Brockton home/school connection.

Kinds of Homework

Homework may be assigned in preparation for upcoming lessons or as an extension of class work.

  • Preparation Homework - given to prepare a student for upcoming lessons
    • Practice Homework - designed to reinforce lessons already taught in class
    • Extension/Creative Homework - intended to provide challenging learning opportunities for enrichment and extension of the lesson
  • These assignments reinforce the Massachusetts Curriculum frameworks and promote inquiry, problem solving, discovery, analysis, and application of essential concepts.

    Administrators' Responsibilities
    •Supervise the dissemination of homework policies and procedures to staff, students, and parents.
    •Monitor the implementation of homework practices according to established policies and procedures.

    Teacher's Responsibilities

  • In grades 9-12 students should be given at least 30 minutes of homework a day per subject where appropriate, at least four times a week.
    • Within a week of the start of class, inform parents and seek their support of expectations for homework.
    • Provide for students' individual differences and acknowledge varied learning styles by varying homework assignments.
    • Establish guidelines, appropriate to each assignment, for the assessment of homework.
    • Specify in writing the percentage of value of homework relative to the term grade.
    • Give clear, concise directions, allowing time for students' questions.
    • Review the progress of long-term projects periodically.
    • Provide adequate time for students to prepare for tests.
    • Record all homework assignments and collect assignments as appropriate.
    • Contact parents if assignments are not completed.