Photo Brockton High School, Brockton, MA

Student-Parent Handbook

The rules and regulations for Brockton High School are included in the Student-Parent Handbook which each student receives on the first day of school. In addition the Handbook in its entirety is located on this website. These rules and regulations have been prepared by the high school administration and were approved by the Brockton School Committee.

Students and parents should acquaint themselves with the contents of this booklet. Every organization, particularly one as large as Brockton High School, must have a set of guiding principles by which to operate. The rules and regulations set forth in this manual have been formulated to ensure a safe and orderly atmosphere in which meaningful education can take place. Additionally, these rules also provide students with a set of standards for individual behavior.

It is our sincere hope that all parents will work with the school to prevent problems before they happen. We encourage parents to maintain contact with teachers, guidance counselors and administrators on a regular basis in an effort to resolve minor issues before they become major problems. We stand at the ready to assist you.

For reasons of safety, Photo ID's must be worn conspicuously by all students, attached to a lanyard worn around the neck.

Both students and parents should also be reminded of the school's use of surveillance cameras both inside and outside of the building.

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