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The Business, Technology, and Career Education Department offers approximately 60 elective courses to students at Brockton High School. These courses are available to all BHS students, opening new avenues and possible career opportunities. Courses reflect up-to-date technological advances and skills necessary for employment in today's ever-changing job market.

Vocational, Technical & Career Education Programs

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Photo: Geraldine DeGraca, Secretary

Photo: Gloria Rubilar, Vocational Guidance Councilor

Gloria Rubilar, Vocational Guidance Councilor

Brockton High School BCTE Faculty - 2017-2018

Joanna Binette

Contact Information


Bachelor of Science Business Administration -Accounting, Suffolk University
Masters in Business Administration - Suffolk University

Business/Personal Law - Business law will provide students an understanding of our Constitution, judicial system, and the laws affecting the business world and the consumer. The course emphasizes one’s legal duties, obligations, and liabilities as well as desirable personal traits such as respect for the law, tolerance, and a sense of obligations of citizenship.

Mark Brady

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BA - Economics University of Rhode Island
BA - Policy Formation - University of Rhode Island
Masters of Community Planning and Area Development - University of Rhode Island

Engineering I - The goal of this semester course is to exposed students to the dynamic world of Engineering and Technology through a series of team based projects. The concept of team building and team work will be essential to the successful completion of this course. The Engineering Design Process will be learned, then implemented and used throughout the course. Students will develop and apply knowledge of forces, shapes, materials, structures, and energy transfer using a “Problem Solving” approach in all phases of project development building a working prototype of your team’s ideas to solve a given problem.

Engineering II - This semester course builds on a student's knowledge and skills developed in Engineering I. The project based course will present students in-depth challenges in the areas if alternative energy systems, building and structure systems, and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Team work and problem solving approach will be critical in the students success in solving engineering challenges presented to them.

Engineering Drawing - In Engineering Drawing class, students will learn how to "draw like and engineer." In this course, students will be introduced to engineering sketching techniques, drafting, traditional board drafting and computer aided design using Autodesk AutoCAD

Favorite quote:
"The greater the challenge the more glorious the triumph" - Butterfly Circus

Lauren Brown

Photo: Lauren Brown, TeacherContact Information


Curry College - (BA) Elementary Education/Adolescent Psychology
Fitchburg State University - Master's of Curriculum & Design

Please visit Ms. Brown's Web Site!

Introduction to MS Excel
Visual Basic

Introduction to MS Excel This course introduces students to keyboarding and Excel using automated technologies. Students will reinforce basic keyboarding skills using proper finger placement to gain speed and accuracy. Following successful completion of the touch-type method, students will learn how to format business and personal documents.

Additionally, this course provides all the tools necessary to create, format and use basic spreadsheets. Students will receive an overview of the interface and learn the various methods for entering and editing data. Students will learn the various ways to write simple formulas with intention to solve business problems, prepare and analyze data in the form of tables, graphs and charts.

Visual Basic This course is designed to teach students basic concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming using Microsoft Visual Basic. This is an introductory programming course using the Visual Basic language. It does not assume any prior programming experience. Students will use “Scratch™” as a building-block tool to become familiar with programming language and the process of creating animations, games, music, interactive stories. Using software development that focuses more on problem solving to prepare them for the Visual Basic software environment.

Students will learn the three-step process of building any program and create challenging business applications using a graphical environment with an emphasis on the fundamentals of structured design, development, testing, implementation, and documentation. Includes language syntax, data and file structures, input/output devices, and files.

Favorite quote:
“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important element. ~ Bill Gates

Eric Brunelle

Photo: Eric Brunelle, TeacherContact Information

Driver Education Phone- 774-930-8883
Driver Education Pages

BA - Political Science/History - Bridgewater State College
Masters in Education/Instructional Technology - Lesley University

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Class Web Site -
Engineering Design
Archiectural Design

Supervisor - Driver Education Program

In Computer Aided Design class, students learn to create 3-D models of consumer products, automobiles, jewelry, and much more! In this course, students learn Computer Aided Design (CAD) using Autodesk Inventor software.

In Architectural Design class, students will learn to design your dream home using Autodesk Revit architectual software. The course focuses on Residential Design, and also introduces students to architectural sketching and drawing.

In Engineering Drawing class, students will learn how to "draw like and engineer." In this course, students will be introduced to engineering sketching techniques,drafting, traditional board drafting and computer aided design using Autodesk AutoCAD.

3-D Printing - All classes are introduced to 3-D printing using Makerbot Z-18 printers.

Favorite quote: "Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works!" -Steve Jobs

Robert Cataldo

Photo: Robert Cataldo, teacherContact Information

BSBA - Accounting, Northeastern University
Masters in Education - Fitchburg State College
CCAI - Cisco Certified Academy Instructor

A+ Certification

Mr. Cataldo's students participate in the engineering/design process to build and test automated technologies. Students prepare for the Computer Technical Industry Association (COMPT/A) A+ Exam and a CISCO IT essentials certification.

Favorite Quote: "Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction." - John F. Kennedy

Jeronimo Fernandes

Photo: Jeronimo Fernandes, TeacherContact Information

Bachelor of Arts, University of Massachusetts Boston
Masters in Education - Cambridge College
Complete Applied linguistic program, U-Mass, Boston

English Language Learner Liaison
Engineering for Every Day Life

English Language Learner Liaison
Mr. Fernandes works with Cape Verdean, Portuguese, and Spanish bilingual students in the exploratory program in 4 different shops: Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Construction Technology, and Graphics Communications.

"I am constantly reviewing the lessons plans from the 4 major shops, so that I am prepared to help the students in those classes. I provide as much help as possible to the students. I make sure that the students know what is going on in the shop and they understand what they are supposed to be doing. I also help with questions with homework and assist in language and cultural barriers."

Engineering for Every Day Life

The goal of this semester course is design to exposed students to the dynamic world of Engineering and Technology through a series of team based projects. The concept of team building and team work will be essential to the successful completion of this course. The Universal Design model will be learned, then implemented and used throughout the course. The discipline and structure of using a “Problem Solving” approach in all phases of project development will be critical to building a working prototype of your team’s ideas.

Favorite quote: "A language is a part of culture and a culture is part of a language: the two are intricately interwoven so that one cannot separate the two" - J. Douglas Brown

John Fidalgo

Photo: John Fidalgo, TeacherContact Information

BA - Sports/Entertainment Management - Johnson and Wales University
Masters of Education - Eastern Nazarene College
CAGS - American International College, Boston

Accounting/ 21st Century Technology

Accounting is a course offered to 11th and 12th graders. Students will investigate the field of accounting, including how it is impacted by industry standards as well as economic, financial, technological, international, social, legal and ethical factors. Students will reflect on this knowledge as they engage in the process of recording, classifying, summarizing, analyzing, and communicating accounting information. Students will formulate and interpret financial information for use in management decision making and gain experience using Microsoft Excel and Peachtree.

21st Century Technology is a new course where students will learn how to operate an IPAD, create a website, and use the presentation program PREZI. This course prepares students for working and communicating in the 21st century.

Favorite quote: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

David Gault

Photo: David Gault, Engineering TeacherContact Information


Don Gillis

Contact Information
BA - Economics - Wesleyan University
MBA Real Estate - University of Connecticut
Construction Superintendent Certificate, Northeastern University
United Brotherhood of Carpenters: Level 1 Instructor

Construction Technology I, II, and III CPA- Seniors who participate in the Construction Technology I, II, and III program will continue to experience a greater awareness of the woodworking industry and career opportunities. Students will use hand tools, small power tools, and power woodworking equipment with only occasional support from the instructor. The student will undertake individual and group community projects that are more complicated and may be student designed. It is believed by the instructor that SAFETY is the most important aspect of the shop experience and will be stressed at all times. Prerequisite: Construction Technology I must be successfully completed before Construction Technology II may be taken, and Construction Technology II must be successfully completed before Construction Technology III may be taken.

Construction and Manufacturing Technologies - Students will manufacture various products while applying the Engineering Design Process. This process will also be applied to the study of building various structures in the construction technologies area which will include concepts from site development, zoning laws, building codes, structural loading, using and applying new technology, and the application of tools. Hands on experience will be gained through both individual and group woodworking projects. A design project is also required that will demonstrate the students understanding construction approval process. Shop safety is of the utmost concern, students will follow safety rules at all times!

Favorite quote: "Insist on yourself, never imitate" Unknown

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined" - Henry David Thoreau

David Haloon

Photo: David Haloon, Teacher Graphic ArtsContact Information

AAS - Rochester Institute of Technology
BS - Rochester Institute of Technology

Graphic Experience

Mr. Haloon teaches Graphic Experience, but he also teaches archery. His students learn hands on. They work in teams to support the entire school community and select non-profit organizations relative to desinging and producing print materials. The work students preform supports the Massachusetts curriculum for Chapter 74 (vocational) education.

James Hathaway

Contact Information


BS - Occupational Education, Fitchburg State College
Masters in Education Leadership - Bridgewater State University
MA State License, Chapter 74 Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology
Auto Care and Maintenance

Automotive Technology is a four-year program that prepares students for an entry level position with a repair facility, a new or used dealership, a parts and equipment retailer or a number of other career fields. Students are also encouraged to seek additional training at one of the myriad of local technical schools or community colleges that offer programs. Many of our students also select careers in service to our country through the military.

Auto Care and Maintenance is a semester-long course that prepares students to be discerning car owners. Students learn how to do minor repairs and maintenance, how to recognize problems before they become out of control and how to identify a good service facility. Students from the auto care and maintenance program often go on to careers in the automotive industry.

Sara Kelly

Photo: Sara Kelly, Teacher of Nursing

Contact Information

BSN - Boston College
MSN - Boston University
Masters in Education - Fitchburg State College

Nursing I, Nursing II and Nursing III

Students who successfully complete Nursing One, Two, and Three have the opportunity to take the state certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A). By obtaining this certification, the student is able to work in the healthcare field gaining experience as a healthcare provider while attending college.

Renee Leahy

Photo: Renee Leahy, Teacher of Nursing

Contact Information

BSN - University of Massachusetts, Boston
M. Ed. - Occupational Education Fitchburg State University

Nursing I, Nursing II and Nursing III

Students who successfully complete Nursing One, Two, and Three have the opportunity to take the state certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A). By obtaining this certification, the student is able to work in the healthcare field gaining experience as a healthcare provider while attending college.

Favorite quote: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Paula Madore

Photo: Paula Madore, Teacher of Business

Contact Information

BS - Business Education, Suffolk University
MS - Adult Education, University of Southern Maine
Masters in Business Administration - Thomas College
CAGS - Administrative Leadership, Salem State College

Web Design
Desktop Publishing
Yearbook Advisor

Mrs. Madore has been a teacher at Brockton High School and a member of the Business, Technology, and Career Department since 2004. She teaches Web Design and Desktop Publishing. Also, Mrs. Madore is the yearbook advisor of The Champion, the Brockton High School yearbook. She is a graduate of Brockton High School and has been a member of the BHS Advancing Technology Committee, National Business Education Association, and Massachusetts Business Education Association.

Yearbook information about senior portraits and general announcements about the yearbook can be found on the BPS Web site. Click Yearbook Information for more information. Find more yearbook news on the Facebook page named Brockton High School Yearbook and on Twitter at 2016bhsyearbook.

John McCarrick

Photo: John McCarrick, Teacher of Business Ed

Contact Information

BA - Law Enforcement, University of Massachusetts Boston
Masters in Education - Salem State University

Bank Training/ Finance
Personal Finance

Mr. McCarrick's Bank Training/Finance class is unique because it offers students classroom intruction in the world of finance along with a hands-on, cooperative joint venture with Harbor One Bank. This class is a great real-world learning experience

Mr. McCarrick's Personal Finance class introduces students to a variety of finance topics ranging from the basics of creating a personal budget to more complex concepts of investing for one's future. The Personal Finance course equips students with the financial fundamentals students need going forward.

Mr. McCarrick is a member of the Massachusetts School Banking Association (MSBA).

Melissa McLaughlin

Photo: Melissa McLaughlin, Teacher, Culinary Arts

Contact Information

AS - Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales College
BS - Food Service Management, Johnson & Wales College
CAGS - Leadership Education, Bridgewater State University

Please visit the Fine Arts Cafe Web Site!

Hospitality and Restaurant Food Production I
Hospitality and Restaurant Food Production II

Mrs. McLaughlin has been the head of the Culinary Arts program. She teaches Food Production I and II and runs the Boxer Boulevard restaurant inside Brockton High Scool. Among Mrs. McLaughlin's other duties are floor teacher, Edison Academy Teacher, and Building Monitor, and she is a member of the Advancing Technology Committee.

Paula Minchello

Photo: Paula Minchello, Entrepreneurial Studies

Contact Information

BS - Business Management, Curry College
Masters in Education - Fitchburg State University

Entrepreneurial Studies
Distributive Educational Clubs of America (DECA)

In addition to teaching Entrepreneurial Studies, Mrs. Minchello is the BHS advisor and teacher of Distributive Educational Clubs of America (DECA). DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges globally. Students enrolled in marketing/DECA will obtain leadership skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, and the proper understanding of the free enterprise system. Mrs. Minchello's students earn a solid background in entrepreneurship in America and become familiar with concepts of a new business start-up. Upon successful completion of her course, students should know what kind of individual is best suited to own and operate their own business.

Hau Nguyen

Photo: Hau Nguyen, Business Education, Graphics ArtsContact Information


Graphic Experience - What is Graphic Communications? It is about using words and images to convey a message. First and foremost, it has to communicate something. You have to make sense of how to make something beautiful. Concepts and ideas are important! Everything we touch, see, and do is impacted by Graphic Design. We use it to drive, to decide what to eat and how much to eat at a restaurant, to pay the bills, to get married; we use Graphic Design in every aspect of human life.

Graphic Experience I is a project-based, introductory course to the Adobe Creative Suite CS6. This elective is recommended to those students who wish to explore and develop computer skills and enhance their creative and artistic ability. Standard industry programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are the digital fundamentals and core foundations of design in many fields. These programs are used to design items such as movie posters, billboards, advertisements, books, packages, websites, and some animations

Graphic Experience II is an extension of Graphic Experience I. This elective course is an opportunity for students who took Graphic Experience I to continue to develop their skills and develop their portfolio.

Students who successfully complete all assignments will be college ready and comfortable with subjects introduced in college majors such as Graphic Design, Digital Media Design, Interactive Media, Communications Media, Multimedia Design, etc.

Those who are confident they want to pursue areas related to Graphic Design can take Graphic Experience I & II (elective courses) or inquire about the Graphic Communications Vocational Program (student must be either a freshman or sophomore to be considered for the Chapter 74 program), both located in the Fine Arts Building on the first floor.

Bruno Nosiglia

Photo: Bruno Nosiglia, Engineering TeacherContact Information

BS – Electrical Engineering - Northeastern University
Masters in Technology Engineering – Fitchburg State University
Ph.D. - Technology Engineering - Canterbury University
Masters in Vocational Education – Westfield State College
PhD in Technology Engineering – Fordham University

Electronics class web page

If you are curious as to how electronics devices work, how your smartphone or tablet connects to Wi-Fi, or why everything is going electronic - then come join us for an intellectual adventure that will teach each student what electronics is all about; from making electrons work for you, to repairing and even improving how your electronic device works.

Favorite quote: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” - Albert Einstein

Robert O'Neil

Photo: Robert O'Neill, Teacher Business Education

Contact Information

BS - Michigan State University

Business/Personal Law
Entrepreneurial Studies
Vocational Exploratory

Mr. O'Neill has been teaching in the Brockton Public School system for 15 years. A graduate of Brockton High, he coaches football and track here at BHS.

Business Law- The Business Law course is designed to provide Brockton High students with an overview of our legal system. Starting with the US Constitution, the course includes statutes and regulations that affect businesses, families, and individuals in a variety of ways. Knowledge of business law is particularly useful because all students eventually assume the role of citizen, worker, and consumer in society.

Entreprenuarial Studies- The Entrepreneurial Studies course at Brockton High introduces students to the exciting world of creating and owning their own business. Students will learn concepts and techniques for planning an innovative business and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle. With “learning by doing” as the goal, students will write a business plan for a business of their choice. The Entrepreneurship Program’s goal is to provide a positive learning environment where students can achieve their highest potential in the study of entrepreneurship. Standards of Learning are supported in the course. This course is taught using Moodle, an internet based learning platform.

Vocational Research- This course is taught using the Massachusetts Career Information System. The Masscis platform is an online tool to help Brockton High students explore careers and find the right education or training program once they have made their career decisions. This course offers information on career assessment and planning, occupations, the labor market, outlook, and educational options. This course offers students the tools that are needed to help them make better-informed career and school choices..

Favorite quote: "Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary, but because they do ordinary things better than everyone else." - Chuck Noll