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A+ Certification

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Introduction: The A+ Certification Program is an exciting program designed to prepare students for the demands and enormous opportunities available to skilled PC repair and upgrade technicians in the Information Technology field.

Curriculum: This program consists of two courses; A+ Hardware, and A+ Software. In the "Hardware" section, students will learn all aspects of computer hardware, including identifying components, electricity and power supplies, motherboards, memory, hard drives, supporting I/O devices, modems and networks, laptops and PDA's, printers, building a PC, troubleshooting, and the responsibilities of a PC technician.

The "Software" course is an intense program designed to take students from the "just-a-user" level to understanding the behind-the-scenes of customizing, optimizing and troubleshooting a Windows Operating System and the most common software applications. Students will learn all aspects of the operating system, including the major differences between Windows, Unix, Linux, and the MAC OS, understanding the boot process, supporting and installing Windows, managing memory, Windows on a network, Windows on the Internet, printers and I/O devices, and the responsibilities of a PC technician.


Brockton High School is an official Cisco Networking Academy and utilizes the IT Essentials I & II curriculum.

Students will be required to complete at least 30 additional hours of training per semester in preparation for certification tests. A+ Hardware and Software tests are taken at a cost of approximately $153 per test, and are the responsibility of the student.