Photo Brockton High School, Brockton, MA

Banking Program (HarborOne)

John L. McCarrick, Instructor
Office Telephone: 508-580-7643
Fax: 508-894-4393

Bank Training/Finance & Co-op Banking Lab - These one-semester courses are designed to prepare students for employment as bank tellers or entry-level positions within the banking or finance industry. Students will learn skills and tasks which are relevant to handling banking and personal finance transactions. Classroom knowledge will be directly applied to working in the HarborOne school branch. These courses have been aligned in accordance with the NCTM Standards, NBEA Computation Standards, and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks Standards.

Announcements: Students must elect both courses to participate in the Banking Program.
Banking Program (HarborOne)

Photo: Harbor One Bank on site at BHS; teller smiling!