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Nursing I - allows students to explore introductory nursing skills used in the health professions; students will be challenged with a blend of academic and procedural experiences.

Nursing II - students explore in-depth the health field with emphasis on body systems, their common diseases and disorders, and the specific nursing skills associated with these conditions. Students must successfully complete Nursing I prior to taking Nursing II.

Nursing III - this course is to help interested students prepare for a future in nursing and Certification as a Nursing Assistant. Emphasis will be placed on common diseases disorders connected with selected body systems, and specialized skills and nursing procedures that will qualify and enable the student to become eligible for the CNA practicum. Students must successfully achieve a 100% level of care rating in each of the nursing competencies by demonstrating approved methods of patient care and delivery procedures, passing the course requirements with no less than an 80% (B-) for a final grade, and a recent Tuberculosis test with negative results to become eligible for the CNA practicum.

Externship - Successful Nursing III students become teaching assistants.


A passing grade (or better) is required in Nursing I; Nursing II requires a passing grade of B- or better.

Notes: Expenses related to CNA Certification are the responsibility of the student; however, these costs may be deferred upon the approval of the Perkins Grant.

Nursing I

Nursing II

Nursing III (CNA Practicum)

Nursing Externship

Photo: nursing students performing multiple nursing tasks, making beds, turning patients, etc.
Photo: nursing student taking Mrs. Kelly's blood pressure