Photo Brockton High School, Brockton, MA

Vocational Program

Automotive - Mike Kelly, Instructor 508-580-7649
Construction - David Gault, Instructor 508-580-7647
Graphics - Hau Nguyen, Instructor 508-580-7434
Fax: (508)580-7549


The Vocational Program at Brockton High School trains students in the Automotive, Graphic Design, and Construction areas. Students begin the Vocational Program by enrolling in the Exploratory course to have the opportunity to experience all the shop areas and then choose their area of concentration. In their senior year, students will have the opportunity to participate in Senior Cooperative Work Experience - working with a local business to apply their skills.


The BHS Vocational program encompasses all four years of students' high school experience, thus providing a concentrated skill-set for focused students. Each Vocational area consists of several courses. Each course must be successfully completed before proceeding to the next one. Students who successfully complete all of their course-work can then proceed to Cooperative Work Experience.