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Registration for September classes will be posted in late August/early September

email a copy of your Honor Roll Report Card to Brockton Community Schools here.

New Sessions every month during the school year!

Register for:

  Under 18 18 and older
  November-December Virtual Classroom - closed   November-December Virtual Classroom - closed
  December- January Virtual Classroom   December- January Virtual Classroom
  On the Road Driving   On the Road Driving
  Cancellation Fees   Cancellation Fees
  Additional Driving Hours ($40 per hour)   Additional Driving Hours ($40 per hour)
  Certificate Processing Fee   Certificate Processing Fee
  1/2 hour Brush-up - prior to Road Test   1/2 hour Brush-up - prior to Road Test
Register for Mods Make-ups and Final Exam Make-ups
Register for Parent Class HERE
Log in to Community Schools website to pay your account balance  HERE


(The Parent Class is FREE for parents/guardians of students who attend our Classroom Sessions. If you need to take the Parent Class, but you do not have a student taking Driver Education here at BCS, please contact Brockton Community Schools at 508-580-7595.  The cost is $20.


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