Photo Brockton High School, Brockton, MA

Foreign Language Grading Policy

Major Assessments 40 percent of grade

Must include three out of four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing plus Culture through a variety of modes: Presentational, Interpretive or Interpersonal-Note that some areas may overlap.
•May include: Integrated Performance based assessments, Traditional tests, Projects/Oral Presentations, Open Response, Reading Diagrams and/or visuals, In Class extended writing assignments/essays

Minor Assessments 30 percent of grade

•In Class Writing Assignments of 1 page (3-5 paragraphs)
•Short Vocabulary or Grammar Quizzes
•Weekly Openers/Closers
•Short Presentations
•Short In-Class Journals
•Reading Comprehension
•Listening/Lab exercises
•Latin translations/writing

Practice 30 percent of grade

•Openers/Closers (may be graded daily, weekly, or biweekly)
•Class participation (may be graded daily, weekly, or biweekly)
•Daily Homework (may be graded daily, weekly or biweekly)
•Oral Skill Development based on Class Attendance (aligned with BPS Attendance policy)
•Organization of binder (may be graded daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or by term/trimester)
•Extra Credit (**additional academic work if all other work is completed)

Internet Translation Policy
Please note that graded writing assignments will be completed in class.

The use of the Internet to translate student work from English into the target language is a violation of the Brockton High School Disciplinary Code. Using the Internet to translate from English into the target language often results in assignments that are inaccurate and do not make sense. These computer programs do not distinguish linguistic nuance or modern versus archaic language. It is the policy of the Brockton Public Schools Foreign Language Department that internet translations from English to the target language are NOT original student work and therefore are NOT acceptable for use by students on any assignment, including, but not limited to: homework, quizzes, tests, projects and/or writing assignments. Written assignments should be completed directly in the target language using targeted vocabulary and structures that students know from previous and current learning. Online dictionary sites that translate only one or two words are acceptable. All students are expected to do their own work. Students determined to be using internet translations will be subject to the Brockton Public Schools policy on academic dishonesty.