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Why Study Foreign Languages?

According to the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), there are many benefits to studying another language. Students who study even one year of foreign languages:
•Score up to 250 points higher on SATs
•Have larger vocabularies
•Have higher developed listening and retention skills
•Perform better on tests of reading and math
•Demonstrate enhanced creativity
•Display more highly developed thinking skills
•Perform better on measures of verbal and non-verbal intelligence than their monolingual peers
•Experience positive overall effect on mental development and intellectual growth
•Improve understanding of their native tongue
•Develop greater cultural flexibility and sensitivity towards others
•Possess skills critical to national defense
•Possess skills critical to the national economy
•Are better able to compete in a global economy
•Enjoy a competitive edge in college admissions
•Enjoy enhanced employment opportunities
•Enjoy competitive salaries

Career Choices

There are many career choices available to multilingual workers. This list is by no means exhaustive: Doctor, nurse, medical technician, medical records keeper, translator, interpreter, lawyer, judge, law enforcement officer/worker, diplomatic core, business, teaching, technology, research, military, industry, social services, marketing, hotel and restaurant service and management, travel and tourism, multiple service industries, engineering, telecommunications, all sciences, journalism, etc.

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.
- Geoffrey Williams

The Successful Foreign Language Student
•Attends classes every day
•Exhibits appropriate learning behaviors
•Remains on task and engaged during class
•Interacts with the language and culture in a positive way
•Practices good study and organizational skills,
•Completes homework every day
•Is willing to take risks to practice and use the language
•Has a high interest in the language and culture of other peoples
•Is curious and flexible

Seal of Biliteracy Program

Brockton High School has just begun accepting applications for our new Seal of Biliteracy; one of the few schools in Massachusetts to offer this program. This is a certificate given with the high school diploma that certifies that the student is proficient or beyond in reading, writing, and speaking two or more languages upon graduation. Any freshman or sophomore interested in this program can get an application from their foreign language teacher or guidance counselor. For questions about the program or for more information, please contact Rachael Umbrianna, Coordinator of Foreign Languages 6-12 at: