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Guidance Curriculum

The Guidance Department creates structured lessons and programs designed to assist students in achievement, and the knowledge and skills necessary for their development.

A variety of resources are used to plan and implement these programs. Listed below are the outlines for just a few of the lessons that are presented to the students throughout the 4 years of high school. Other topics may include but are not limited to: Preparing for the PSAT, Understanding the PSAT, Getting Back on Track through Project Diploma, Career Advisement and College Access Workshops, Anger Management, Social Skills Development, Health Awareness Topics and much, much more.

Freshmen Orientation:
• Guidance Offices- Counselor recognition activity
• Types of services offered through Guidance
• Support Services-Adjustment counselors, academic supports (Access Center, Peer Tutoring and mediation
• The Successful Student
• Attendance, How to do your best
• Graduation Requirement
• A typical 9th grade schedule
• Academic Levels
• Summer School
• GPA/Class rank
• Extra Curricular Opportunities-Clubs and Sports
• Community Service
• Life Line
• Student Advisement Plan

Sophomore Presentation:
• How to monitor academic progress?
• Homework
• Attendance/waivers
• Make-up work
• Extra help
• Graduation Requirements
• Summer School
• MCAS Requirements/Individual Student Success Plans/Appeals
• Preparing for college-Inside the classroom, outside the classroom
• Long range planning/Student advisement plan
• Grades/ levels
• Minimum Requirements for college
• College Entrance Exams

Junior Workshop CLICK HERE


I. Introduction
• Student as a Consumer
• Relationship w/ Guidance Counselor
• Graduation Status
• Post Secondary Goals
II. Official Transcript
• Grades
• Test Scores
• Rank
• Counselor Recommendation

III. Release of Records Request Form
• Signed by Student if 18 or over
• Signed by Parent if under 18

IV. What should I be doing now?
• Four Year College Requirements
• Choose 4-6 schools
• Register for SAT's / Send scores
• Register for ACT or SAT II's
• Bilingual Students - ELPT, TOEFL
• Get Applications and Begin Filling Out
• Essays/ Personal Statements/ Teacher
• Recommendations
• Interview
V. State College/University Requirements
• College Preparatory Course Requirements
• GPA requirements
• SAT Score Requirements
• Community College Alternative

VI. Other Options
• Technical Schools
• Armed Services
• Full Time Employment

VI. Financial Aid
• Paper Application/ On-line Application
• Student Aid Report (SAR)
• Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
• Types of Student Aid
• CSS Profile
• Financial Aid Nights
• Scholarship Binder
• Local Scholarship Book

VII. Activity Sheet

VIII. Questions/Answers