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International Baccalaureate Programme

IB Coordinator

Brockton High School partners with the International Baccalaureate Organisation as an authorized Diploma Programme school. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum, primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19. It leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world's leading universities.

Students learn more than a collection of facts. The Diploma Programme prepares students for university and encourages them to . . .
•ask challenging questions
•learn how to learn
•develop a strong sense of their own identity and culture
•develop the ability to communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures.
Along with completing various internal and external assessments, these students sit for exams in May in order to earn either an internationally recognized course certificate or a full IB diploma.

In addition to taking academic courses that are both rigorous and relevant, the students who are enrolled in the full Diploma Programme are also required to participate in the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) component of the IB Programme. Through this component, students are able to further develop themselves as well rounded, globally minded young men and women.
BHS IBDP Academic Honesty Policy
BHS IBDP Assessment Policy
BHS IBDP Language Policy
BHS IBDP Special Education Needs Policy

IB General Regulations: Diploma Programme

BHS International Baccalaureate Programme brochure

Those who are directly involved in the organization and facilitation of the IB Programme at BHS this year are listed below as is their contact information.

Course Curriculum

English HL

History HL

Biology HL

Mathematics SL

Visual Arts SL

Latin SL

Spanish SL

French SL

Contact a Faculty Member

Biology HL

Mrs. Voorhis

Ms. DeGrace

Mathematics HL

Ms. McGee

Ms. Haddad

Visual Arts SL

Mr. Garcea

Latin SL
Mrs. Cook

English HL

Mr. Erickson

Ms. Baker

History HL

Ms. Savas

Ms. Medina

Spanish SL

Ms. Qirko

Chinese SL

Ms. Li

Ms. Zhu

Theory of Knowledge

Mr. Erickson