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Mathematics 9-12

Department Head


The Brockton High School Mathematics Department consists of 43 teachers dedicated to providing the students with a comprehensive and ambitious mathematics education. The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks have been integrated into the mathematics curriculum reinforcing high standards and expectations. The philosophy that all students can succeed in mathematics is a guiding principle and the faculty works tirelessly toward this goal.

In an effort to attain the best possible MCAS scores, all freshmen are required to complete Algebra I and all sophomores must complete Geometry. This provides students with the necessary background to be competitive on the Mathematics MCAS Test. Math MCAS scores continue to climb at the high school and students are provided with a multitude of opportunities to practice and hone their skills.

The Mathematics department offers a variety of courses designed to expose students to a multitude of mathematical experiences. Courses range from Algebra through AP Calculus where students can experience the reality of a two semester college Calculus class. In addition to regular coursework, the math department provides after school experiences in MCAS help, credit recovery and the Math Team. The Math Team competes against area schools in regular sessions providing interested students with a difficult and rigorous mathematics experience.


The mathematics curriculum is designed to incorporate the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in focus and at the forefront. The curriculum consist of the essential courses to assist in MCAS success and builds from there. The opportunity presents itself for students to be well prepared for college and meet all necessary prerequisites for college admission.

Course Offerings:

Algebra I:

All freshmen are required to take this beginning Algebra course. Traditional algebra topics are covered with emphasis on the state curriculum frameworks requirements.


All sophomores are required to take this course in geometrical thinking. The course covers topics in plane and solid Euclidean geometry.

Algebra II:

This course extends the fundamental skills and concepts learned in Algebra I. Topics include the exploration of the real number system, polynomials, equations, problem solving and systems of equations.


This course provides students with a background in trigonometry, conic sections, sequences and series and higher level probability. The course is designed to provide students with the necessary background for a college level Calculus I course.

Math Review:

This course is designed to help students who need more reinforcement of the mathematical concepts. Algebra and Geometry topics are explored with a strong emphasis on necessary MCAS skills.

Algebra Topics and Applications of Math:

Algebra Topics and Applications of Math are designed for upper classmen who need to develop their skills in Algebra and Geometry. These courses can serve as a stepping stone to successful completion of Algebra II.

The Brockton Public Schools' Mathematics Program, 9-12, will provide all students with access to the richness of mathematical and technological resources. Through hands-on learning, students will be able to apply mathematics principles to solve problems in their daily lives.

The curriculum goals are to:

• Promote excellence in teaching and learning of mathematics.
• Implement the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks.
• Increase awareness and use of technology in the learning process.
• Enhance systemic change in the school district by implementing methodologies and strategies to embrace all learning styles