Photo Brockton High School, Brockton, MA

Peer Mediation

Conflicts that occur over rumors, relationship issues and misunderstandings are all common situations, which, if left unresolved, can lead to more serious problems like absenteeism, violence and dropping out of school. The mediation process recognizes that conflict is better approached with communication skills than avoidance. Mediation, with its emphasis on listening to each other’s points of view and the peaceful resolution of differences, assists in preparing students to live in a multicultural world and can be a catalyst in improving school climate.

Trained mediators report to A221, the mediation office during their directed academic periods. There they will do school work until a mediation is referred. Two mediators are required to run a mediation. Most mediations are between two disputants, but there are times when more may be involved. Referrals for mediation come from Assistant Housemasters, teachers, counselors, and students. Whenever possible, available mediators are used for mediations, however, there are times when specific mediators may be needed for their experience or ability to speak a certain language. At this time a mediator may be requested to leave his or her classroom. This is only possible if the teacher of the class agrees with the dismissal and the student agrees to make up all missing work.