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Project Grads

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Project Grads is an alternative program of Brockton High School open to teen parents and their children. Participants must be current students of Brockton High. The purpose of the program is to allow teen parents to complete their high school education. Services provided include transportation to and from school for parent and child, free day care for infants and toddlers on the school grounds, help in the development of parenting skills and counseling as needed. Funding for the program is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.


All participants of Project Grads must take Literacy Links each semester they are part of the program. This independent study course provides the students the opportunity to spend time in the day care with their children and fulfills state requirements for teen parenting programs. This time is also used for case management as mandated by the state. The rest of the school day is spent in regular classes and Project Grads students must meet the same requirements for graduation as any other Brockton High student.


Students interested in Project Grads must complete an application form with the program facilitator. Referrals can also be made by guidance counselors, school nurses or teachers. Students who are accepted into the program must sign a contract which lists all requirements and expectations of participation. Most students who enter the program do graduate from Brockton High. Many go on to college or other training programs.