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There currently are more than 60,000 graduates of Brockton High School spread throughout all 50 states.
If you graduated from BHS, then you automatically are a member of the Alumni Association.

Please get involved -- join a committee, attend an event, etc.  Check out our calendar for the latest updates, and don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook , connect with us on LinkedIn, or click on the other social media icons at the bottom of this page.

For information about the BHS Alumni Association and to get involved, please send an email to or call us at (508) 580-7266.


2019 BHS Alumni Awards ceremony

Exec. Director Bob Saltzman, BHSAA Awards Comm. Chair Anne Beauregard '76 and Alumni Association President Bob Martin '76 congratulate (center L to R):

Michael Brady '80 for Alumni Service, Loic Assobmo '11 for Young Alumni and Leo Narducci '50 for Alumni Achievement.

Bob Saltzman, Anne Beauregard, Bob Martin and John Nesti '96 with this year's BHSAA $1,000 student scholarship recipients ...

(L to R):

Elaine Rodrigues '19, Erin Hamlin '19, Alexis Edozie '19 and Alexandra Younes '19

TV Broadcast

You can view the entire May 30th BHS Alumni Awards Ceremony, courtesy of Brockton Cable Access TV.

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 If you prefer to pay by check, make it payable to Brockton Educational Foundation (B.E.F.) and indicate whether you want your gift to go to the alumni association or to resources to support student success.  The BHS Alumni Office's address is 43 Crescent St., Brockton, MA  02301.



New Volunteer Opportunities

BHSAA Executive CommitteeYour Alumni Association has five general areas of involvement. We're looking for volunteers of all ages who want to be leaders in these areas:

* Communications and Marketing

* Community Outreach

* Fund Raising

* Programs and Events

* Student Relations

For further information about each of these new committees, contact Michele Bolton by email or by calling (508) 580-7266


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upcoming reunions in 2019

Follow the link (where provided):

Class of 1970: June 27, 2020, at the Tirrell Room in Quincy, email

Class of 1975: Nov. 28, 2020, email

Class of 2010: June 5, 2020, email

If you'd like help promoting or planning your event, please email or call Michele Bolton at (508) 580-7266.

Photos of Recent Alumni Activities

2019 Alumni Basketball Clinic

More than 50 former BHS male and female basketball players returned to Brockton High on July 20 to run a free clinic for about 100 Brockton children. The alumni also presented a $1,000 scholarship award to Jaila Smith '19.