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Kennedy School

Photo: Kennedy students celebrate the 100th Birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for whom their school is named!

Brian Rogan, Principal
Gary Lumnah, Assistant Principal


In order to live and work productively in a changing society, all children in our community will learn to manipulate information, solve problems, think critically and work collaboratively.

The educational philosophy of the J.F. Kennedy School is to assist in the development of the child in such a way that he/she will become a productive member of his/her society. We assume the responsibility to challenge our students to academic excellence, and to motivate all children to extend themselves to their full capacity and develop an enthusiasm for learning that will last a lifetime. With recognition of their individual learning styles, we believe that all children can learn.

About Us

The Kennedy School Offers...

  • An all-inclusive school community that recognizes that students have varying starting points, diverse learning styles, different learning rates and varied learning experiences.
  • Read 180 after-school program for academic support.
  • Bay State Readers Initiative School.
  • Haitian and Low-incidence Immersion Programs.
  • Peer Leaders and Peer Mediators Programs to help students develop the skills they need to resolve problems in a logical and adult manner.

Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We at the Kennedy School believe that every child entrusted to us is a unique and worthwhile individual to be respected and provided with the best educational services in a nurturing and caring environment. We also believe in the unity of home and school. Mutual respect, open communication, understanding and cooperation are all vital in creating the Kennedy School community of learners.

Meeting the individual needs of all our students is our constant focus. In order to accomplish this, the teachers of Kennedy School constantly provide a variety of learning experiences in the classroom. The use of varied effective teaching strategies allow teachers to meet the diverse learning styles of the students in their care.

I share with my staff a feeling of academic excitement and a complete commitment to excellence. Our standards and expectations for ourselves and our students are high. It is for this reason that we insist that learning be continuous, cooperative and joy filled! I invite you to visit the Kennedy School and be a part of this learning process! I welcome any suggestions you may have.


Brian Rogan

School Facts & Highlights

Kennedy Elementary School
900 Ash St., Brockton, MA 02301
Main telephone: 508-580-7278, FAX 508-580-7082
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Early Dismissal: 12:15 p.m.
South Zone, Grades K-5


The building was erected in 1965. It has 27 classrooms, a cafetorium, gymnasium, library, computer lab, central courtyard, outdoor basketball court & baseball field.

School Highlights
Regular Education Program
Special Education Program
English Immersion Program Grades K-5
School Wide TITLE 1 Services
Computer Lab
PBIS Program
Cougar of the Month
Science Showcase
J.F.K. Commemoration Day
Crisis Management
Peer Leaders
Peer Mediators Program
Second Step
Assertive Discipline Program
Instrumental Band Program
Kennedy School Chorus
Parent Involvement Program Activities
Parent Advisory Council
Jewish Coalition for Literacy Volunteers
Smart Start Extended Day Program
Intramural and Recreational After-School Programs

Contact Us

Brian P. Rogan: 508-580-7278

Assistant Principal:
Gary G.Lumnah: 508-580-7278

Administrative Assistant:
Ronise Vieira: 508-580-7278 | FAX 508-580-7082

School Nurse: 508-580-7244
Instructional Resource Specialist: 508-580-7261
Reading Resource Specialist: 508-580-7261
School Adjustment Counselors: 508-580-7278
Smart Start Extended Day Coordinators: 508-894-4567

The Inclusion Program

The Inclusive Program
Moderate Special Needs Teachers and Regular Education Teachers combine their skills for the benefit of all students in heterogeneous classrooms.

Access to a repertoire of Instructional Techniques:

Parallel teaching
Collaborative Planning
Assertive discipline
Recipe for reading
Multiple Intelligences
Learning Styles
Additional Support Staff
Speech/language therapist
Occupational therapist
Physical therapist
Full-time nurse
School adjustment counselor
Reading resource specialist
Instructional resource specialist
Adaptive physical education teacher
Consultants: inclusion, behavioral & augmentative communication
Monitor teacher assistants
Parent liaison

All students with Individualized Educational Plans (I.E.P.s) are serviced within the context of the regular education program for at least 75% of the time.

Benefits of Inclusion
Presents challenging academic & social goals.
Promotes academic excellence & high achievement.
Enhances self-esteem & confidence.
Fosters a sense of school community.
Identifies, celebrates & shares the talents of all.

School Improvement Plan

Kennedy 2012-2014 School Improvement Plan

Every Brockton Public School has an individual School Improvement Plan, a two‐year strategic plan for schools to follow to achieve academic and non-academic goals. The plans are developed among school leadership, faculty and staff and serve as a blueprint for success.

School Improvement plans require school personnel to set challenging goals for student performance, and must articulate the strategies the school staff will use to reach their targets.

In addition to approving each school’s SIP, Central Office conducts three to four “Walk Throughs” per school per year to gather data and provide feedback to site-level leaders about how effectively the plans are being implemented. What’s exciting about this is that everyone recognizes the importance of this kind of feedback and is actively supporting this kind of valuable work – principals, teachers, administrators and union officials.

Kennedy School Report Card

Kennedy School

900 Ash Street
Brockton, MA 02301
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
TEL. 508-
FAX 508-580-7082



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