BPS Kindergarten Age Rollback Plan

Image:BPs Supt. Smith Letterhead with School seal

November 15, 2017

Dear Parents of Brockton Public School Students,

The Brockton Public Schools has adopted a two-year, phased-in plan to roll back the kindergarten entrance age, beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

Under this new guideline, children who will enter school in September 2018 must turn 5 by November 1, 2018. Children entering school in 2019-2020 must turn 5 by September, 1, 2019.

A new Pre-School Task Force has been created to develop programs for those children who will be affected by the date change.

Currently, school districts in Massachusetts are able to set their own age for starting school but Brockton is one of just three districts that allows four-year-olds to enroll in kindergarten.

By rolling back the kindergarten eligibility date, we are giving our youngest students the opportunity to grow, develop and participate in school at their own pace, and at an academic and social level that is more appropriate for their age.

More information on this change will be available in the coming months. Thank you as always for your partnership and cooperation.


Kathleen A. Smith, JD

Superintendent of Schools

Below you will find the above letter translated in Spanish, French and Portuguese. In addition, there are colorful flyers in all four languages that you can download and use for your quick reference. The flyers are in PDF format but the letters , containing the same information are accessible to all readers. If you need assistance with any of these documents, please call us. Thank you!

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