BPS Tutoring Services

As we work to make improvements to the Community School Remote Tutoring Program, we have the following information to share with all parents that will make the experience more efficient for all.

  1. Appointments may be booked up to 14 calendar days in advance.  
  2. When you are booking an appointment, please include your child's name and if possible, what skill that they would like to work on. 
  3. For other children to also take advantage of the Remote Tutoring Program, please limit bookings to once per week per subject.
  4. We recommend that you use your child's BPS email to book your tutoring session. (BPS ID@bpsma.org)  Example:  555555@bpsma.org.  Then, the student can open the TEAMS App on the BPS laptop, access the Calendar in TEAMS, and Join the appointment from the TEAMS Calendar.  
  5. If possible, use the BPS laptop during the tutoring session.
  6. If you book the tutoring session with the parent email, you can expect to receive a meeting confirmation email from Brockton Community Schools Remote Tutoring Program AND you will also receive a tutoring session meeting invitation directly from your tutor.  Please RSVP to the meeting invitation from your tutor which will add the meeting to your email calendar and look for the purple "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" to join your meeting.  The link looks like this:  Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
  7. If you have not received a meeting invitation by the day of your tutoring session from your tutor, please call the Community Schools Office at 508 580-7595 during business hours for assistance in accessing your tutoring link.  
  8. Please note, Remote Tutoring is closed on November 3rd, November 11th, November 25th – 26th because all Brockton Public Schools are not open on these days.