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Edgar B. Davis K-8 School

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Darlene Campbell, Principal
Nathan Crossman, Associate Principal

Mary Kelly, Assistant Principal


The Davis Community School students and staff are enriched by cultural, social, physical, and academic diversity. We are a neighborhood school that takes pride in the absolute right of every student to receive the best education possible, and we accept the responsibility to create the proper environment necessary in attaining that goal.

We believe that our children are our most valuable resource and our programs must address the needs of each in order that they may succeed. We must promote a positive sense of self-worth and confidence that will allow each student to say "I can do that."

We know that in order to accomplish this, we must enter into a partnership with our parents and community, and with this cooperation we will move forward together in support of our children.

380 Plain Street
Brockton MA 02302
Hours: 8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
TEL. 508-580-7360
FAX 508-580-7074

School Supplies List 2017-2018

Box of tissues
Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant wipes
Large glue sticks
Pencils #2
Ruler (to ¼ inch)
3 – 5:
Colored Pencils
Ruler (to 1/16 with Metric)
Pencils #2
Colored Pencils
Ruler (to 1/32 with Metric)

About Us

The Davis School Offers ...

Grades K - 8

A unique, one of a kind in the city of Brockton, Grade K - 8 academic program. When you leave the Davis School, you'll be well prepared for a successful future at Brockton High School.

A wide range of specialized programs, lessons, events, and activities. Staff members encourage a positive sense of self-worth, confidence, and achievement in all students.

After-school, Extended Day and Full-Day Kindergarten programs, We consider each child to be a multifaceted person and address their individual needs whether before, during or after school.

A multi-tiered teaching system with proven results: the Davis School exceeds the Department of Education's Annual Yearly Progress expectations and local educational targets.

A departmentalized approach to teaching in Grades 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Motivational programs that are proven to work. Our motto is, "We think we can. We know we can!"

Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Edgar B. Davis Community School is a Kindergarten through Grade 8 organization. The energetic and innovative staff and administration team are committed to excellence.

K-8 schools not only strengthen the connection between home and school, but also establish a consistency in each grade for academic achievement for all learners.

The Davis School is committed to academic excellence which is reflected in the city and state-wide testing results. The entire staff works together to ensure that every child’s individual, academic, social, and emotional needs are met.

Please be assured that the entire staff is committed to working with parents and guardians so that together we ensure a positive, nurturing environment for each child. Be confident that your children are safe and secure. In partnership with you, we can help our children realize their potential, while becoming confident and caring individuals.

Please feel free to visit or call at any time. I look forward to working with you.

Darlene M. Campbell

Davis Facts & Highlights

Edgar B. Davis K-8 School
380 Plain Street, Brockton, MA 02302
Main telephone: 508-580-7360, FAX 508-580-7074
Hours: 8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
Early dismissal: 11:30 a.m.
South Zone, Grades K-8

Building & Facilities
Built in 1974; 43 classrooms; cafetorium; 2 gymnasiums; Instructional Resource Center; 2 Computer Laboratories; 1 Writing Lab; 2 ball fields; children's playground.

School Highlights

Departmentalization Grades 3-8
Special Ed. & ESL Services
English Immersion Gr. K-5
School wide TITLE 1
Full Day Kindergarten
Extended Day Program
PBIS Behavioral Program
Three Full Computer Labs
Classroom Computers
Foreign Language: Spanish
Instrumental Band Program
Junior & Senior Chorus
Lights on for the Arts
S.A.D.D. Student Council
Peer Leaders
Second Steps Program Recycling Program
BSU Collaborations
Parent Teacher Association
School Improvement Council

Contact Us

Darlene M Campbell: 508-580-7360

Associate Principal:
John B. Lynch: 508-580-7360

Assistant Principal:
Mary B. Kelly: 508-580-7360

Administrative Assistant:
Jayne Hagerty: 508-580-7360 | FAX 508-580-7074

Absentee Line: 508-580-7547

School Nurse: 508-580-7369 | FAX 508-580-7972
Guidance: 508-580-7662
Instructional Resource Specialist: 508-580-7524
Reading Resource Specialist: 508-580-7284
School Adjustment Counselor: 508-580-7662
IRC: 508-580-7660
Community School After-School Coordinators: 508-580-7420, 7663
Smart Start Extended Day Coordinators: 508-580-7260

Community School Organization

The Davis School K-8 represents a variety of opportunities and experiences for every child, at every level. We pledge our efforts to ensure every child's academic, social and emotional success.

  • Departmentalization 4-8
  • Literacy Grant
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Read 180
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Walk-to-Read
  • Project-Based Activities
  • Response to Intervention

School Improvement Plan

Davis School Improvement Plan 2012-2014

Every Brockton Public School has an individual School Improvement Plan, a two‐year strategic plan for schools to follow to achieve academic and non-academic goals. The plans are developed among school leadership, faculty and staff and serve as a blueprint for success.

School Improvement plans require school personnel to set challenging goals for student performance, and must articulate the strategies the school staff will use to reach their targets.

In addition to approving each school’s SIP, Central Office conducts three to four “Walk Throughs” per school per year to gather data and provide feedback to site-level leaders about how effectively the plans are being implemented. What’s exciting about this is that everyone recognizes the importance of this kind of feedback and is actively supporting this kind of valuable work – principals, teachers, administrators and union officials.

Davis K-8 School Report Card

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