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South Middle School

Photo: South Middle School Dragons gather on the school's front steps

Diane J. Lynch, Principal
Lisa G. Thomas, Assistant Principal
John Lynch, Associate Principal


South Middle School is an educational institution that embodies an active collaboration of students, staff, parents, and community. The school strives to provide a safe environment to maximize each student’s emotional, social, physical, and academic potential. Basic skills, critical thinking, and essential life skills are emphasized and developed to mold our students into exemplary citizens who properly exercise their rights and responsibilities in our dynamic democratic society.


All students will leave South Middle School academically proficient at grade level, a responsible member of the school community, and physically fit. Students will successfully transition to high school as well as follow a pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

105 Keith Avenue
Brockton, MA 02301
Hours: 8:05 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
TEL. 508-580-7311
FAX 508-580-7089

About Us

South Middle School Offers:

  • A safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence and social well being for all students grades six to eight.
  • A comprehensive education that includes a wide variety of technology, including Brightlink Interactive Boards, Promethean Boards, ELMO document camera, tablets and the Gelfand family Science lab
  • Participation in the National Latin Exam, City Wide Spelling Bee, Science Fair, and Student Council
  • After school programs that include the following: intramurals, Coaching 4 Change, drama club, and jazz choir.

Principal's Message

Dear Families:

Having three grades in our school allows us to make a stronger connection with parents and students. The lasting relationship between home and school will help students succeed, excel and become lifelong learners.

South Middle School embraces standards based teaching, heterogeneous grouping and technology-assisted instruction. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of extra-curricular activities including Band, Chorus and Drama Club. The faculty and staff of South Middle School are committed to helping your child develop self-confidence to meet his/her full potential. Our goal is to lay a strong educational foundation that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of high school.

The Educational Leadership Team at South Middle School has an open door policy for parents; we believe that you are our partners in your child's education. We will work diligently to ensure that all of our students are prepared for future academic success.

I look forward to working with you.

Diane J. Lynch

School Facts & Highlights

South Middle School
105 Keith Avenue, Brockton, MA 02301
Hours: 8:05 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m.

Building & Facilities
Built in 1956 and renovated in 2000 , new outdoor dining area adjacent to the cafeteria, 33 classrooms, library/media center, Science lab, handicapped accessible ramp, gymnasium, 700 seat auditorium, athletic fields, state of the art audio-visual system in the auditorium, newly painted lockers, completely renovated outdoor basketball facility

School Highlights
General Education Program
Special Education Program
ESL and READ 180 Programs
Enrichment Classes
STAR Intervention
Skills for Life -- Character
Education Class
Student Dragon of the Term
Quarterly Honor Roll Assemblies
Science Fair
Breakfast in the Classroom
After-School Programs
Band and Chorus Programs
Intramural Athletic Program
Interscholastic Sports
Guidance Services
Guest Speakers and Presenters
School Improvement and Parent Advisory Council

Report Card

This page is dedicated to the South Middle School report card. Below you will find links to a sample report card, a sample progress notice and the learning standards for most subjects.

Please click on the link for an interesting article in Family Circle magazine titled "Making the Grade":


Report Card Rubrics


English learning standards

Math learning standards

Science learning standards

Social Science learning standards grade 6

Social Science learning standards grade 7

Social Science learning standards grade 8

Literacy in Science, Social Science and Technology learning standards

Foreign Language learning standards

Contact Us

Diane J. Lynch: 508-580-7311

Assistant Principal:
Lisa Giaquinta: 508-580-7311

Administrative Assistant:
Lisa Webby: 508-580-7311 | FAX 508-580-7089

Absence Call-in Line: 508-580-7311

School Nurse: 508-580-7314
Guidance: 508-580-7315
School Adjustment Counselor: 508-580-7303
Community School Coordinator: 508-580-7311


South Faculty

Please call 508-580-7311 to contact any of the teacher's listed below or e-mail them using the address given.

E-Mail Address



Arsenault, Joe

Grade 8 Social Studies

Besong, Sam

Grade 6 Social Studies

Bonham, Jerimiah

Grade 7 Social Studies

Brennan, Chris

Life Skills

Brogna, Nicholas

Grade 6 English (LTS)

Buckley, Jeanmarie

Grade 7 Social Studies

Campbell, Georgia

Grade 6 Math

Carlucci, Miguel

Grade 7 Science

Carpenter, Kevin

Life Skills

Cunningham, Mark


Davids, Maranda

Grade 6 Social Studies

DeMoura, Kristen


Doyle, Deanna

Grade 8 Math

Duquette, Michelle

Grade 8 Science

Garvey, Barbara

Grade 8 English

Gineitis, Eileen

Language Arts

Guzikowski, Jen

Guidance Counselor

Hahn, Lori

Language Arts

Hall, Joann

Grade 7 Math

Hayes, Wendy

Language Arts

Haynes, Debbie

Language Arts

Higgins, Kate


Holland, Michelle

Grade 6 Science

Javonillo, Theresa


Keane, Beth

Grade 7 English

Kelly, Mary

Grade 8 Science

LaBelle, Erin

Grade 8 Math

Lagerstedt, Kathy

Special Education

Lovetere, Ken

Physical Education

MacKinnon, Carolyn

Grade 6 Science

McKenna, Tracey


Mello, Maura

Adjustment Counselor

Miranda, Dionise

Physical Education

Odom, Ester

Technology Education

Robinson, Mike

Grade 7 Science

Rodenbush, Jayne

Grade 6 Math

Samaras, Kristyn

Grade 8 English

Stanton, Linda

Life Skills

Stapleton, Jim

Grade 8 Social Studies

Starsiak, Rich


Sullivan, Ryan

Grade 7 English

Sweeney, Jessica

Grade 6 English

Sweeney, Michelle

Special Education

Wilkinson, Casey

Grade 6 English

Wilson, Caroline

Life Skills

Wilson, Patricia

Grade 7 Math

Wooten, Jimmie


School Improvement Plan

South 2012-14 School Improvement Plan

Every Brockton Public School has an individual School Improvement Plan, a two‐year strategic plan for schools to follow to achieve academic and non-academic goals. The plans are developed among school leadership, faculty and staff and serve as a blueprint for success.

School Improvement plans require school personnel to set challenging goals for student performance, and must articulate the strategies the school staff will use to reach their targets.

In addition to approving each school’s SIP, Central Office conducts three to four “Walk Throughs” per school per year to gather data and provide feedback to site-level leaders about how effectively the plans are being implemented. What’s exciting about this is that everyone recognizes the importance of this kind of feedback and is actively supporting this kind of valuable work – principals, teachers, administrators and union officials.

South Middle School Report Card

Future Teachers

Future Teachers from South Middle School teaching class at the Kennedy

On April 23, 2018, our Future Teachers went to the Kennedy School for an orientation visit where several of our "veteran" members modeled a literacy lesson for our newer members. Over the past month, the students worked in pairs to create their own books. In addition, each group created a literacy activity to go along with their books. Today, thanks to funding from Senator Brady, our Future Teachers were able to return to the Kennedy to present their stories and share their activities to grades K,1 and 2.

The above link will take you to the PDF versions of the school brochures. If you would like a copy of a particular brochure mailed to you, please email: